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Custom Stud Game (general rule question)

    • AbstractEye
      Joined: 21.01.2015 Posts: 3

      So, I've been thinking of inventing my own stud game to play at home with a few friends. I actually came up with something, quite simple, by the way, but there's an element I'm not sure whether it's 'allowed' or not. I'll explain below.

      Basically, it plays like this:

      1. Players ante up then get dealt 2 downcards and 1 upcard
      2. Initial betting round takes place (bring-in)
      3. Players get dealt the fourth street and fifth street SIMULTANEOUSLY (UPCARD).
      4. Second betting round starts.
      5. Players get dealt the sixth street DOWNCARD.
      6. Third betting round starts.
      7. Finally, players get the dealt the seventh street, also DOWNCARD (so that makes 4 upcards and 3 downcards in this order: 2-3-2).
      8. Final betting round.
      9. Showdown

      Okay, it's a seven-card stud in which only 3 cards are exposed instead of the usual 4 or 5. So, my question is, would this game play well or would it be messed up?

      What do you guys think, is 3 downcards not enough to make it work? Are there any variants in which this happens?

      They're coming over on saturday, so I expect a few answers until then lol.

      Thanks in advance.

      * my apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong section.
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