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Hi guys i am start playing now NETBET poker. What about netbetpoker ? please tell me good and bad

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    • Svinhugg
      Joined: 20.08.2013 Posts: 374
      Good: a perfect place to gather Strategy points.

      Bad: The software doesnt always work well, ugly, we still have no gift shop and low traffic at some hours.
    • dewrfhung1
      Joined: 20.01.2015 Posts: 2
      For some reason I experience less suck outs, but more fish.
      Avoid bluffing at lower limits, they will call your shove with mid pair and 6 kicker sometimes.
      But all about the limit you play, biggest I have gone on there is like 5 euro buy in.
    • saltbeef
      Joined: 25.01.2014 Posts: 57
      Well less suck outs and more fish is definitely a good thing lol. With a lot of fish always comes more suckouts but on some sites they suck out just way to much to make it realistic and very hard to make a profit.

      On some sites or networks they are so driven by profit they put the sharks and the fish on a more level playing field so that the fish suck out much more than they would in real life and they keep making deposits.

      If the sharks won vs the fish as much as they should than the sites would go out of business or at best have just sharks vs sharks left.

      Now I understand this business model and don't mind if the fish suck out a bit more than they should but if it turns me into someone who can't make a decent profit? Than yes there is a problem and I don't want to play there.

      For example at 200NL at my local casino I can make much more profit offline than I would if I were only playing one table of 200NL online. However if I play 4 tables of 200NL online than I can make more than 1 table offline. Not a lot more which you would think it should be 4X more but its not. However I don't mind this and profit is profit.
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