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    • thesundancekid
      Joined: 09.05.2011 Posts: 151
      Any 1 else here hate Pokerstars?
      I am a winning med/high stakes MTT player but every time i play on stars i get totally fkd i run like shit on there its beyond a joke, the best i have ever done was 90th in a scoop about 3 years ago and 1 ukipt package and thats it, every other game UNreal sick as fuck bad beats, I have been playing poker for years i do get bad beats of course sometimes they can last for years in somes case but i cant get anywhere on stars, is it just me?
      they have the best touraments to play in of course bigger prizes but the runners you get are unreal 2k to 35k + in some games.
      I dont know to just continue grinding there untill surely i ship a big 1 , 1 day,.. but its just beyond unreal my luck on PS ..

      btw i am 60k profit in mtts on other network..i ft two sunday majors as well i can play with the best, just can not get anywhere on ps
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    • DELETED_6994112
      Joined: 24.01.2015 Posts: 0
      I'm having the same problem, mate. Today I went crazy, literally. I believe I am one of the most unlucky Poker players to walk this earth, and I'm not talking the usual 'omg im so unlucky! the only reason i dont win is cuz im unlucky'.

      I just played around 5 tournaments on PS today and I LITERALLY lost 4 times in a row with pocket aces. 2 of the times were against K4 off suit, and another was a guy who went all-in preflop with pocket 3's, and he of course flopped a 3. This doesn't happen just sometimes. No, this happens every fucking day.

      I also just lost with pocket aces to AQ. This guy just flopped Q trips. What are the fucking odds? Oh, I'll tell you what the fucking odds are. I was in 93.7% favour to win preflop which is where he went crazy all-in style. How the hell am I supposed to win a tournament if I can't even win when I am in HUGE favour to win? I mean come on..... I constantly lose with the best hands and it's on such a big scale that I'm considering quitting poker for good even though it's my dream to pursue. What the fuck is going on? I wonder if this would happen on other sites as well.

      I have no idea what is causing these bad beats but I'm telling you it's happening every single day and I'm sick of it. I don't know how to handle it.

      For those who don't believe it this is just one of the bad beats I had today:

      That guy went all-in retard mode with K4 off and fucked me in the ass on the turn and river.
    • Lazza61
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      Read about variance guys - this is a really good Youtube video that explains it better imo.