So I play poker since I was 10. Started out as pure recreation then it evolved into (totally legal) home games as I knew more people that liked poker. I never actually wanted to experience online poker and my 1st deposit into PokerStars wasn't actually a decision: it was just that I sold my LoL account online and the buyer would only consider PaySafe, so I used PokerStars to hold onto the money in order to complete the sale. The money never got out.
That was 1.5 months ago, and I made another deposit in the meantime (this time it was 100% my call), always playing regularly (1-2 hours per day). I also studied a whole lot of theory.

After having experienced it 1st hand I quit. I'm not a "good" player by any means, but the theory has clearly allowed me to develop as a player, and reading through my hand history makes that pretty clear to me. Everywhere I look this reminds me of LoL, both the lower-ranks and the pro community. Here's where they cross paths: in both cases (LoL and Poker) you have lots of theory and pro's opinions, but neither of those comes near to the variables in the games. Poker-wise, this means that you can study whatever you like (I have 2.5 notebooks filled up with pokerstrategy's articles and 2 poker books), if you don't catch good starting cards, all that study is useless. If you catch good cards but a bad board, all that study is useless. If you catch good cards and a good board but your opponent has a big enough stack to bully you, all that study is useless (unless you have a monster, given). If you catch good cards, good board, and a good opponent, you're probably beat.
The only time I could make a profit playing NL2 was when I was given a cheap flop that either gave me the pure nuts or a nut-draw, and was lucky enough that my opponents had good cards to call for an all-in. The odds are pretty slim.
And that whole thought process of "Yea excuses you just weren't good enough" doesn't play out if you think rationally. Poker rooms have everything to win if you keep going to the river with the 2nd best hand and exit thinking that (not saying that they are rigged. But it's true that you can end up giving them anything as long as you think it's all on you). More rake for them.

Now I'm not saying that poker is evil or that it sucks or anything like that. Heck if you enjoy it, then by all means keep doing it. However here comes another analogy to the LoL community: ask yourself if you are really enjoying it or if you are just spinning the russian roulette and laughing it off as long as it doesn't fall on you. There were lots of people playing LoL that, like me, didn't like the game. We would enjoy the crap out of it when we were winning, but as soon as things went bad we would hate the game. However we would play again, not because we were having fun, but because we were hopping to catch the team (or the cards) that could take us to victory this time. This is not enjoying a game. It's an illness.

My final point is for those of you that wish to become pros. By no means am I someone who uses the "think about how other people see you" bull... But think about what you think about yourself. If I take my ego aside and think how I would react if I met someone like myself tomorrow and he said "Oh I'm a poker player", I wouldn't want an actual friendship with that person. I wouldn't think bad of them, but their lives would just be too much "out of tune" regarding mine. It's just not who I want to be. I would advice everyone to go through this on their heads. If you would actually enjoy meeting you, a professional poker player, then by all means do your thing.
However keep in mind that it's not a secure job. I was only in this community for 1 month and I lost count of the stories about professional players who lost millions or just became a running joke. 90% of the world does not know who was the player with the biggest earnings last year. Besides, poker isn't that much of a life achievement. I would consider someone who can play good poker a smart person, just as someone who can play good chess. But I'd rather meet someone that has other, more important goals, that can help society and the world innovate and move forward. Crazy people. Those people that, whether you want it or not, you HAVE to know who they are, because that's how big they interacted with the world. Should I not be in the poker community, I wouldn't know any of the pro's names at all.

Finally, I'm not saying that I will not play poker again. I will, especially with friends. Online however...
Neither am I saying or whining about the 10€ I lost and how a stupid loss that was. I actually consider it money well spent. For one, they showed me online poker probably isn't my thing and I should keep looking. And on the other hand, all these thousands of hands (1 month playing Zoom at least 1-2 hours per day) taught me how to be more calm and open to frustrating experiences. Regardless of what's happening on the outside world, now I can think "Well it could be worse. I could be playing poker".

Nevertheless good luck to all of you. It was a pleasure to be a part of this community :)