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    • saltbeef
      Joined: 25.01.2014 Posts: 57
      I tried to post this under General Questions and it wouldn't let me so I will try here.

      Ok guys this is getting out of hand. At first I sign up for your free money offer and was led to believe I would receive free 50. (10 at first and than the other 40 in 48 hours). It didn't happen.

      Ok so Khrano said that I misunderstood and that I only get the other 40 from you guys if I make a deposit and gave me the link for the NetBet Poker: Premium Upgrade. I followed the instructions exactly and deposited $50 Canadian the equivalent of 35.78 Euro's using the code FREE20 as outlined in the NetBet Poker: Premium Upgrade page. Still I am only credited with $14.31 Canadian which is the Equivalent of 10 Euros.

      Also under my account it only shows 3 bonus amounts.
      2 Euro's with 100 netpoints required for completion
      100 Euro's with 10000 netpoints required for completion
      and 8 Euro's with 540 netpoints required for completion

      That's it. No bonus 45. No ticket to 20000 freerooll or any of the other bonuses mentioned in the Netbet Poker: Premium Upgrade?

      To top everything off earlier today I made a referral using the code you guys gave me to maximize my bonus as outlined. I led the guy through the whole process. Username is sthorne and everything went through perfectly and you are his affiliate. However nothing there for me either. No SNG tickets, bonus ect?

      I am really starting to feel taken advantage of and before anyone asks, yes I am sure I used the correct promotional code for the NetBet Poker: Premium Upgrade. FREE20. I checked 3 times before I hit deposit.

      So are you guys going to stand behind your deal or do I just withdraw my $50 again? I am not going to play a single hand until you guys fulfill your part of the bargain.

      Thanking You In Advance,
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 10,741
      Hey saltbeef,

      Your best bet if you already have a ticket with our customer service department is to continue your dialogue through that. There is nothing we forum moderators can do to fix the problem.

      If you haven't opened a CS ticket, then you can do so here.

      Just scroll to the bottom of the page (after clicking the link above) and click the + sign next to "Open a new ticket'.

      Keep us updated