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      Just played in a freeroll 3000 chips blinds were 50/100, 75/150, 150/300 had 12 hands none were or became made hands even the ones I folded would not have been made or winning hands as all hands went to the river, so what's the point?
      Had A9o twice, AJo, QTs, Q3o, T8o, A3o, AQs the others can't recall now but no pairs.
      The only upside here is it didn't cost me any money, is there any other upside when someone manages to get to 60000 and I can't get one winable hand?
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    • saltbeef
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      We would require more information to give you a better answer. However if you are in late position there were a few hands you mentioned there that I would open with.

      The AJ offsuit and Q10 suited I would open from middle positon and the AQ suited I am opening from early.

      The rest would depend on your opponents. Are they defending blinds, calling everything under the moon, 3 betting ect. and what they are holding when they do this. Hope this helps.

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      some people are lucky, some people arnt - just be patient and wait for a spot to chip up