River River River!!! Am I right or just complaining?

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      I only started playing on the ipoker network yesterday but man I am not having a good experience. The first day I played all PLO and got my money in ahead 90% of the time on the turn only to be outdrawn 85% of the time on the river which equals loss.

      Today I said I would try some MTT's. Do really well and build my stack slowly to a sizeable amount but just when you get the chance to double and get in with a set someone either hits their 2 outer or runner runner and bam, your out. Seems to me the bigger stack wins more often than not.

      Dam if it was just one tournament I wouldn't care but I played 5 different MTT's today. All NL. Going to have to set up poker tracker when I get my last 12.50 so I can post some hands. I understand there is varience and sometimes you are just going to run bad, but I haven't run this bad in months. Is it because of all of the bonuses I wonder?

      Anywho just thought I would vent a bit. I only deposited $50 to give the network a try but I think if I play here anymore it will just be for a bit of fun with the free money offers lol. Stick to Jokerstars, my home site. Yes you can run bad there too but at least you have a fighting chance and long term you are guaranteed to profit.

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