Pokerstars and underage gambling

    • maaaartin2k2k
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      You probably see these alot.

      Hi, I'm Martin from Norway and I'm 17 years old.
      Always been facinated by gambling, and some days ago I took it to the next level.

      I added 30$ (USD) to play some blackjack, and I lost it all, the day later I added another 30$ and now I've won it up to 140$.

      I've now read several posts about underage gambling and such, but the site would let me register anyhow even though I gave them my personal ID which clearly states me being 17, but I guess I still lied on the signup by choosing 1997.

      What should I do?
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    • BobFriedChicken
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      Pack your bags and leave the country, make a living off poker, travel the world and generate a new identity.

      Or just do nothing.
    • x7hund3rx
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      delete theme or u will get banned from pokerstrategy...
    • tukioppilas62
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      Cool strory bro. Cashout and buy a porsche!
    • iSoOwnYou
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      Seriously dude you should not play on any online gaming site. You are young don't let this be the start of a very bad habbit by playing blackjack etc - you've demonstrated to yourself you have gambling tendences. As long as you don't do it again this could be money well spent to have learnt that lesson and not repeat it. Some spend thousands upon thousands because they decided to try to win back their losses and this continues their entire lifetime.

      If you really want to play poker and are convinced you dont have gambling weaknesses, then wait until you are of legal age and take a free offer here, or play freerolls and build a bankroll from scratch. Never deposit on an online site again. Ever.

      Good luck buddy :f_drink:
    • Tunatic
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      Hey there,

      same story here, I registered on PokerStrategy and PokerStars when I was 17. If you actually sent them your original ID, which shows you're 17, and the birth date is different from the one you entered when registering, then I have bad news for you. Your money will most definitely get confiscated by PokerStars, and you will not see it again (yes, they have the right to do that, as you broke their ToS).

      And, like iSoOwnYou said, never deposit on an online site again until you are of legal age. Ever. Your PokerStrategy account will also get closed.
    • metza
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      You wont be able to cashout so may as well transfer it to me :coolface:

      iSoOwnYou, bit of an overreaction to act like he is degen for depositing $60??? Its like if the guy say he had a few beers too, then going "omg don't you ever drink again, go to Alcoholics Anonymous immediately and get your life sorted out". You winning at poker (which I assume you either currently do, or want to do) depends on people punting off the odd $50 or whatever. Not life changing money and they have a bit of fun. Gambling isn't bad in moderation just like everything else.
    • iSoOwnYou
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      Absolutely not an overreaction. For someone to post about gambling at the age of 17 and fraudulently signing up to a poker site to gamble and then for any half sensible adult not to discourage this behaviour in the strongest possible terms would be completely irresponsible.

      While poker is a form of gambling, winning players take money from fully aware adults if the site tos are not being broken. As for the argument that winning players profit from gamblers therefore they shouldn't care about dissuading gambling, this is a point of view I cannot subscribe to.

      Its one thing to play against anonymous gamblers its another to withhold advice from someone that has posted in our community underage about the possible pitfalls of what they are doing.

      If you could wave a wand and magic away every problem gambler the ones that gamble way beyond their intended means then I would be for this regardless of the loss in ev. For someone to post about taking gambling interests to the 'next level' and chasing losses sounds like the start of a very slippery and razor laced slope to me.

      So yes I will advise against such behaviour. Laws exist for a reason.
    • maaaartin2k2k
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      I've read something about going in a private room with your friend, and then losing all of your winnings intentionally so your friend can cash it out, is this a smart or terrible idea?
    • danan758
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      hi I also played at pokerstars when I was 17, I emailed them informing them of this when I was 18 they froze my account temporarily it had something in the region of $0.36 on it if I remember correctly, I explained im a pokerstrategy member and would really like to take my poker seriously, after supplying age documents my account was reopened after a few days with a probationary period, its been nearly 3 years now so I guess this time has elapsed. So I think you probably should have went a route similar to this one, because if they close your account I don't think you will ever be allowed back in with your money confiscated, I don't wanna condone such behaviour but your money will be confiscated so id advise you transfer those funds to a friend who your trust who can assist as im sure that money is quite substantial for you.
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    • Harrier88
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      Hey everyone,

      Unfortunately, members that are underage are not allowed to use our services, so I had to close this thread.

      Naturally, you are more than welcome to return once you have turned 18, maaaartin2k2k.