Hey guys,

my name is hooni, I grew up in Germany with a Korean background. At the moment I am in Korea and I am looking for a study group. Problem is, as you might suspect, the time difference to Europe. Therefore I am looking for people, preferably in Korea, who want to meet on a regular basis and discus MTT Topics, do some theory and also practice ^^.

I used to play Cashgame till last year of September/August and switched to STT SNGs, because I wanted and want to play MTTs longterm. I made the transition to MTT SNGs beginning this year and now mostly I am playing 180s (2,50$ and 3,50$+R) and 45s and 18s (both 7$).

due to Variance I cannot say if I am a winning player but if interested in a study group you might contact me and I can show you my sharscope results.

looking forward to answers :)