My Koala story

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      my name is Alex and even tough i am a fresh fish here i would like to regard myself as a Koala instead of a fish.

      I have been having alot of personal issues with procrastination and perhaps lazyness, which is why i choose to make this "blog". Perhaps if i look at this daily, i will "guilt" myself somehow into keeping the plans i write down here.

      Atm i am playing 2nl-10nl (yah its weird and stupid i know). By playing 2nl-10nl i mean, i usually win 2nl very easy then go shot taking at 5nl-10nl out of BR management rules, and usually BR goes down again. Also i hit the roulette and BJ hard (considering my BR). Last roulette "hit" was -50$ out of 200ish $ BR.

      For the moment there will be no set "challenge" as people call it to increase BR to a certain ammount, since i am not doing this for a living nor will i ever do. I just love poker as a hobby and the "competition" in it.

      Immediate goals that i must absolutely do :

      1. Cant post graphs or anything because i cant make HM2 to work !!!
      --- gtfo and read forums etc and figure this out

      2. Post graphs to start showing progress - or no progress in what you try to do
      --- yah after i fix the problem from nr.1
      3. Set a specific "goal" for yourself as to how high you like to go with "poker"
      --- as i said above, i dont have a specific BR challenge or goal atm, but i will set one soon. Playing just to play because its fun is kind of affecting my game i think, makes me not care as much as i should about it.
      4. Work on procrastination and lazyness and complete the goals you set for yourself
      --- yah thats why i made you blog, to help me with this.

      So yeah this was my Koala story, will update it ONLY when/if something worthy of writing down changes, and if that happens i will also write how i managed to fix this or that problem (thinking it might help others too).

      Current BR -- 150$ish -- 2nl main limit -- will continue to shot take 5-10nl untill i get smarter about it.
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      Hello Alex

      Welcome to the blogs section :welcome:

      Looks like your still a basic member. That’s the reason you can’t post graphs here.
      The easiest way to get at least a bronze status is to make use of the free money promotion.
      This way you get for free a bankroll by a pokerroom where you don’t have an account yet.

      Further I wish you all the best with climbing up the ladder trough the stakes :gl:

      Best regards,