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    • whosthefish
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      Im not really good, but i work really hard and i want to get better and learn. i just started with poker, played 6 years ago NL50 FR and now i want to start again and take it serious, I just started at NL2 SH and want to move up the stakes. i look for a group of poker buddies to talk about hands and theory and about books and lines would be nice if i could find someone. everybody ist welcome
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    • ginganinja2015
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      Hi there, if your wanting to take it more serious than why not do practise runs with play money? I know there is know profit but its a good way to get used to online poker more, teaches bankrolls as some sites only allow a few refills every so often and also you can get to know your own strategy and limits as well as what sort of cards people like to play. I hope this is of some use to you, I am more than happy to play poker in the play money for a while if you wish as it is not such a good idea to rush straight in with money if your looking to build your experiance.
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      I could use a few poker buddies as well! :)

      Nice to meet you!
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      If you are looking for group to discuss about strategy and certain hands, I recomend our study group.

      My Poker Study Group