Sidekick- not working

    • TheSaxlad
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      I have installed sidekick, enabled hand histories on sites im playing- put it in english, played nlhe cash games but its not picking up anything, pokerstars, fulltilt- nothing.

      Is there anyway to manually show the tool where your hands are (even if theyre in the default places specified by the program?)
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    • mrk
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      Hi TheSaxlad,

      welcome to the forums!

      There's no way to configure SideKick and tell it where to look for hands as it does this automatically by looking up the pokerroom configuration file. Please make sure that you can see the handhistories that are saved by the pokerroom. Also make sure that your local operating system time is set correctly.
      If this does not help and you can see your handhistory on your harddrive just fine, try a different time zone setting in the poker clients that fits yours or is close to yours.

    • FlipFlop123
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      Have the same problem and i am sure that handhistories are saved by pokerstars and the time zone i have set mine but no luck :f_mad:
    • mrk
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      Have you tried setting a different timezone in the Pokerclient?