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      Hello, it's my second time when i start a blog , i'm from Romania..i'm 21years old , and i play poker for 2 years ~ .i abandoned the RO-blog because , i had some problemes like discipline ( i don;t update daily ) and other's (like people) :f_confused:
      It's a long story ...but i promise i will re-upgrade this blog and tell you my story and my "secret to succes " in life ..and now i try the same thing in poker .
      My biggest goal it's to improve my game every single day ..and to learn how to become better .

      Right now i play on PokerStars , NL2 Full Ring , and my bankroll looks like 50$ ( 25BI ).
      Firstly , i want just to let you know , what i want this year.

      Long term-goal :

      Poker: - NL50 ( 31 Dec. 2015)
      - 50k FPP's ( 31 Dec. 2015)
      - over 20h private coaching ( 31 Dec. 2015)
      - my 1st million hands
      Life : - Pass the second year at Dental College
      - Buy a City-Break and have nice moments with my girlfriend.
      - Have nice time with family ( it's very imp. for me )
      I will update more consistently after 18:00 PM. [ i will post , who i really im ,how i expect to work , my work ethic , why my family it's so import , and others ]

      * Sorry for my english , that's another goal for me , to improve my english skill's :)

      Have a nice day , and stay tuned !!!
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