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titan , so far.....

    • andrewkd
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 108
      Hi All,

      Firstly, thanks to poker strategy, great setup.

      So far, my opion on Titan. Good site, however.

      To clarrify, no i don't belive it is rigged. I just can't beleive how many times what appears to be a winning hand gets beaten by the 4 card to the flush draw which the other person has like the 4 of clubs too!!!!

      So far, ring games i am up a little, i am 2 $2 SnG entry behind, so i am doing ok, just a little annoyed by some of the boards.

      Going to take a day or 2 off, and come back when i clear my head!!!

      Take care all, and see you on the tables.

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    • Kimber88
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 1,333
      Yeah.. That sounds like the Titan I know..
    • kennyxx
      Joined: 16.05.2008 Posts: 998

      LOL, I played on Titan before but now I'm playing on party and it's allmost the same (especially last week).

      Sometimes You hit, sometimes others... that's poker ;)

    • VTomukas
      Joined: 30.12.2007 Posts: 252
      I face smth similar on PS - seems every draw hits against me :D

      And of course, to compare - at Titan hands given me most winnings - AA, KK, 99.
      At PS - hand that gave me most losses - AA :)

      So, I'm quite happy with Titan card generator :)
    • rowzee
      Joined: 24.08.2008 Posts: 151
      I can completely sympathize with anyone loosing money on Titan due to bad beats. So far I've been losing in 2 ways. When I started to play with my initial $50 on Titan, I chose to play NL10 SSS. After 4000 hands I decided to stop since I had lost around $30 with a steady rate of more than -10BB/100h, and that's while following the basic strategy 100%, so "profit with SSS" still seems a bit like a miracle to me.
      After a short break I decided to learn to play SNG's instead. I mastered the basic strategy, the general principles of ICM, even SAGE. I started out on the $0.24 SNG's, as my bankroll grew I moved on the $0.60 level. After only around 150 SNG's I had a ROI of 40% and a roll for the $1.20 SNG's. As you can see things were going pretty well and I thought that $1.20 level would be no harder to beat. But I was wrong. Even though I started to take the game even more seriously (studying ICM, posting hands etc.), I haven't been able to achieve a ROI bigger than 8-10%. (OK, thanks to PS I'm not loosing any money, but thanks to Titan I'm wasting my time as I cannot win significantly). The thing is, most of the time when I enter the pot (also, mostly during Push/Fold stage), one of two things happens:
      1) I have the best hand with at least 70% equity and the villain pulls off an incredible suckout
      2) I have a nice hand to push during Push/Fold stages, and the villain flips over a monster.
      I mean, just to illustrate, today I lost 6 buy-ins straight with the following hands:

      AK lost to KQ
      KK lost to QJ
      QT faces AK and loses
      QJ faces AA and loses
      AJ faces AK and loses
      A6 faces AJ and loses

      And it keeps happening over more than a hundred SNG's. Even if I make it in the money, I'm most likely to bust 3rd (2nd if I'm lucky) in the same fashion. I'm not sure what to call this, but it's certainly another thing (although probably not genuine) that keeps me going to achieve my goal - get the required 2500 Titan points, withdraw and get the hell out of there to some less crappy site.
    • andrewkd
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 108
      hmmm, so i am not alone!!!!

      don't get me wrong, it is a two way street. i have had some nice river hits aswell to win a little bit.

      i guess you also expect that when you raise pre-flop, get re-raised and call the bet, flop comes out, hit top set push the other person all in, they call, cards flip over and they have bottom pair. then somehow catch runner runner for a flush draw or straight.

      guess in a perfect world, people would flop, give me all their money and i would be a wealthy man!!!!!!

      GL all, and see you around

    • andrewkd
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 108
      WOW, i guess there are times when you should just quit.

      Just then, playing a dirty dozen $2.

      Me - TT
      Make a small raise, this guy re-raises me, so i calls.

      Flop comes 7 7 T
      I check, he bets 10xBB, i re-raise all in 44xBB he call.

      My TT vs QQ

      Turn 7 7 T 8
      No worries, Andrew's bringing this one home.

      River 7 7 T 8 f'ing Q

      Well, after questioning whether the horse shoe was uncomfortable to sit on, i managed to win a couple pots, before bowing out.

      He made the correct call with Q's i believe, i am not questioning his play. And if in the same position, i would probably play the hand the same, but if i knew the outcome was going to be the same, i would run..... quickly!!!!

      Poker is a funny game, highs and lows.
      At the end of the day, at least i am not throwing my whole roll into this, that would be stupid, but geez it is bloody annoying!!!

      Take care all

    • andyb43
      Joined: 23.07.2008 Posts: 903
      I would NOT have called your 44xBB with QQ in that position, some players can't lay down hands like QQ, AK etc. You were unlucky with the call and him hitting the river........

    • andrewkd
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 108
      appriciate the sentimate andyb43

      think i just needed to vent!!!!!

      i would have thought if i was in his position that i would have been on a set of 7's at least, could have saved himself a lot of bets, but your right.
      when the board is paired, and you only have an over pair, you do have to becareful, expecially considering i had invested a bit into the pot and then a check raise. i may be wrong in what i did, i sucked him into it, but he reaped the reward, and good on him.

      oh well, try again another time.

    • tripstim79
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 35
      Couple of things to factor in here.
      Obviously a bit more difficult reading players online than IRL, but my first guess would be you were playing against a rather new poker player.
      If I (with 50,000 hands and a year exp) was sitting with the ladies and sum1 raised all in, it would have to be an instant fold (especially with your preflop raise)
      I agree you were just unlucky with the typical "Titan River".
      IPoker can be extremely sick at times, I cannot count the number of times I have been rivered when i was sitting with a winning set and no flush or draw possible.

      But it's what poker is all about, you will always get suckouts and 1-in-a-million hands that win against you.

      At the end of the day, weigh up your move before you play it, depending on the pot size and fold equty of the hand, you've got to look at it from all angiles.

      The main thing to remember is the longer you play, the more you will get used to it, but REMEMBER that even sets can get destroyed by the paint or just a plain fluke,

      Good luck in the future :)

    • andrewkd
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 108
      Originally posted by tripstim79
      I agree you were just unlucky with the typical "Titan River".
      Think i might use this as my signature!!!!!! Love that sentence.

      Thanks for the post tripstim, and all others.

      I have had some good times laughing about it now.

      Take care all, see you on the tables.

    • NickParkes
      Joined: 07.07.2008 Posts: 1,526
      Now the real key is learning to have real fun with it... I play SnGs on titan so in p/f mode I tend to call for my running cards... yeah I am now used to the fact that whatever happens happens, but I WILL get my suckouts too...

      For example tonights sessions involved me getting getting knocked out pushing KK preflop first in 3 times... oddly enough did not come up against 1 ace... straights and 2 pairs I believe... BUT twice I had KQ , once vs AQ once vs AK, both times flopped A... so I call for the J and 10... and guess what! the real key is call for the most unlikely card and on titan you just might get it... hang on, remembered a pearler... need to post this hand from tonight!

      Titan Poker 400.00/800.00, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker
      Visit Hand HQ to purchase hand histories from a range of sites, game types and levels.

      saw flop | [color:#C00000]saw showdown[/color]

      Button [color:#C00000]Bluedusk ($3850.00)[/color]
      SB [color:#C00000]hDeNaBd ($5625.00)[/color]
      BB BIGBOYSTU1984 ($3380.00)
      UTG [color:#C00000]Hero ($2145.00)[/color]

      Preflop: Hero is UTG with 2 :heart: 2 :diamond:
      Hero moves all-in for 2145.00, Bluedusk moves all-in for 3850.00, hDeNaBd moves all-in for 5595.00, 1 fold.

      Flop (12190.00) Q :spade: K :heart: 6 :spade:

      Turn (12190.00) 6 :diamond:

      River (12190.00) 2 :club:

      Hero shows 2 :heart: 2 :diamond:

      Hero wins 12190.00 with A full house, Twos and Sixs

      Was up against JJ and AA... Gotta love it! anyway have fun!
    • andrewkd
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 108
      [quote]Originally posted by NickParkes
      Now the real key is learning to have real fun with it... I play SnGs on titan so in p/f mode I tend to call for my running cards... yeah I am now used to the fact that whatever happens happens, but I WILL get my suckouts too...

      Absolutly correct. If i was to get pissed off and take it seriously, then that is the moment i know myself that i am no longer playing with money that i can afford to loose, then i am playing with the house repayments, and that would be scarey.

      It happened again aswell, KK's so i move all in for 25xBB, to be called by A 5 pre-flop. At least the A didn't hit on the river this time!!!!!!

      Take care all.

    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383
      I havent noticed a difference in beats playing on one site or another. If anything the worst beats Ive seen have been live lol