180s FTW

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      I am primarily a cash player grinding nl10 - nl25 Zoom,however I used to play 9max and 180s back back in the days,so recently decided to mix in some SNGs in my schedule. I am aiming to play about 1000 games a month,I know it is ridiculous volume,but hey it is fun and at some point when i am able to spend more time on grinding and play more tables I might achieve 2K per month which is already reasonable.

      Currently I am playing a mix of 2.5$ and 0.5$ with about a 2:1 ratio,simply because 0.5$ load way to slow.

      Here is a graf January onwards,lol sample.

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      Nice, that you have started a blog.
      Sample of games is indeed small, but a good start is always great :f_thumbsup:

      Further I wish you all the best playing the 180 man SNG’s :gl: