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1 Week to Eat Fish and Be Merry

    • iSoOwnYou
      Joined: 27.11.2014 Posts: 642
      Hey guys! Last weekend I started a challenge to run £25 up on Unibet. This did not end well. But I'm back. Last night I came 1st and beat about 80 people to take down a new player MTT on Betsafe for €130 and also at the same time finished 2 out of 600 or so in the first depositor freeroll on same site. This is awesome and a good bankroll builder :sfishy:

      Now I have transferred €80 to Unibet and want to beat 10nl by eating fish (and bashing a few regs hopefully). I also want to beat 5man SNGs on Unibet. For one week starting today (Thursday) that is what I am going to do, I hope!

      It feels great to have a bankroll as the weekend is approaching and I want to keep it that way by following a couple of rules.

      1) no casino games.
      2) maximum €1 sports betting per game (2 buyin daily stop loss)
      3) can only move past €1 sng once I generate 40 buying profit in €1 sng.
      4) if I move up to €4 sng and lose my €40 profit from €1 must move back to €1
      5) if my bankroll reaches €50 I must drop down from 10nl to 4nl.
      6) I can't move past 10nl until I generate 15buyins at 10nl.

      Must report my progress daily here, challenge ends in 1 week when I reevaluate goals.

      I will be watching videos on poker strategy to help with my games, and will chart how they help me here too. I want to play SNGs as I want to compete in the SNG leaderboard this month on unibet so I'll update how I'm doing there too. Finally! I will also play the low MTT leaderboard challenge on Unibet and update on how that is going. Sports betting is included as I'm a bit of a night owl and enjoy watching NBA and other sports on Unibet, but by sticking to €1 buying I intend to protect my bankroll.

      A packed week of poker ahead on Unibet then! I am feeling a little nervous (because I really want it to work out well) but excited also at the same time. Thanks for reading! Comments and feedback! :happy:
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    • iSoOwnYou
      Joined: 27.11.2014 Posts: 642
      Day 1 Report

      Was chatting to a friend who said I probably don't need all those rules I just need to make sure I don't degen my bankroll, so I've decided to be a bit more relaxed with the rules - and just make sure I'm always protecting my bankroll where I can.

      For the unibet SNG leaderboard I've set myself the target of getting 500 points.

      Today I played the following SNG's

      7 x €4 5man SNG's (3 x 1sts) 35 points
      3 x €1 5man SNG's (2 x1sts) 6 points
      2x €1 HU SNG's (lost both) 2 points
      5x €4 HU SNG's (won 3) 10 points

      Total Points earned: 53 points.

      I have 100 points from when I played last week so that puts me on 153 points so far. So I need 347 to hit my 500 point target.


      I played 10nl 4 tabling for 1 hour and made €11

      Bankroll Update: +€11 from 10nl ; +€17.80 SNG's.

    • iSoOwnYou
      Joined: 27.11.2014 Posts: 642
      Well the good news is this went up to 160 euros the bad news is i had to withdraw 155 to pay for a bill...