5CD Line-Check 3-Handed

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      Opinion about the Game ?
      I am a little unsure on the higher Limits, because the Ranges are looser...

      PokerStars | Limit 5 Card Draw Cash - $2/$4 - 4 players

      Deal: ($3) Hero is SB with 3♠ T♣ A♥ A♦ T♥
      UTG raises $2 to $4, BTN raises $2 to $6, Hero calls $5, BB folds, UTG calls $2

      Draw One: ($20) (3 players) T♣ A♥ A♦ T♥ K♥
      Hero discards 3s, UTG discards 1 cards, BTN discards 3 cards
      Hero checks, UTG checks, BTN checks

      Final Pot: ($19.40 | rake $0.60) (3 players)
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    • bigpooch
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      This is pretty close to a cap versus a cold call because you don't want the opener to call with QQ/KK/any ordinary flush draw. Given how you played it, your hand is an open book ( it's almost certainly going to be a high two pairs predraw ), so you autocheck. I'm pretty sure most of the regulars at higher limits would 4-bet predraw. Even at $2-4, some BTN's ranges will be fairly wide ( as was here! ), so 4-betting would have been preferable. As it was, you probably won the same amount; however, there was some extra chance the opener could outdraw you.
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