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BSS stats

    • delete461
      Joined: 04.07.2008 Posts: 1,036
      I know there is probabaly no optimal set of stats for BSS but I would appreciate if some more experienced members could assess mine or let me know approximately which stats I should be aiming for.

      These stats are for NL10 FR, if anything I play a little looser than SHC but my preflop numbers still seem a bit low. I am trying to play a very basic ABC game, nothing fancy needed for NL10.

      I know 24kh isnt much of a sample size but my stats havent really changed over the last 10k

      hands: ~24k
      vp$ip: 16.9
      PFR: 9.69
      W$WSF: 39.54
      WTSD: 23.32
      W$SD: 48.32
      AF: 3.61
      AFq: 48.78
      3Bet: 4.25
      Fold 3Bet: 69.21
      Att to steal: 30.56
      Fold BB to steal: 78.38
      Fold SB to steal: 85.14
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    • Solomaextra
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 7,401
      I have almost the same stats as you and I am playing NL10 FR too and I am successful at it! My VPIP/PFR are 18/15 tho. And your W$SD is a bit too low, maybe you don't like to fold much.
    • TribunCaesar
      Joined: 29.04.2007 Posts: 13,264
      Your stats look fine for me. You could defend your blinds a bit tighter maybe, and your AF seems to be pretty high.

      Best regards,
    • gaz639
      Joined: 03.05.2008 Posts: 506
      you're stats look similar to mine so thats also good for me knowing im on the right track, which site do you all play bss at? im currently on party but it isn't tracked so i want to move but don't know which site to go to, cant go to stars or full tilt, can any of you help me please?
    • Rialli
      Joined: 15.07.2008 Posts: 17
      One advice I can give which I have gotten myself is to get your PFR closer to your VPIP. At the moment I am running 16/13 for FR. So not as much limping, instead raising the hands you would like to play.

      Another thing to look at is your positional stats, so you are playing most of your hands in position.