I have been grinding away on full tilt in an effort to move up in stakes. Logged into my account for the first time in years and found I had about 30 cents and one BLT ticket and several freeroll tickets. In 3 weeks I have Just over $7 and a bunch of weekly freeroll tickets. I am having good success in the .25 on demand sit and gos but have been working on trying to enter the bigger tournaments as well. I am planning on entering the classic #1 today and hope to find some level of success. I have used the ICM training module and have found it to be very beneficial, it has improved my confidence since I have been using it. I still find some of the beats a little tough to handle, but I realize over the long term those stats will balance out. If I play a solid game, not only will I win, but other players will be concerned by me. Thanks for all the help on your site, I have found it to be a great resource to help build my game!

Sincerely 11wolke11