Its my first time i post in this forum
was that Bad play ?
Thank you all :f_drink:

PLAYER1 (37)
PLAYER2 (29)
PLAYER3 (34)
PLAYER4 (324)
Hero (235) :Ah: :Kh:
PLAYER6 (298)
PLAYER7 (17)
PLAYER8 (57)

PLAYER6 has the dealer button
PLAYER7 posts small blind 1
PLAYER8 posts big blind 2

[8 players]
PLAYER1 folds
PLAYER2 calls 2
PLAYER3 folds
PLAYER4 raises to 10
Hero raises to 30
PLAYER6 folds
PLAYER7 calls 16 (All in)
PLAYER8 folds
PLAYER2 folds
PLAYER4 calls 20

*Flop :6s: :2d: :9c:
PLAYER4 checks
Hero checks

*Turn :Kc:
PLAYER4 bets 50
Hero calls 50

*River :5h:
PLAYER4 bets 74
Hero calls 74

*Show Down :6s: :2d: :9c: :Kc: :5h:

PLAYER4 shows :As: :Ad: :| :facepalm:
Hero shows :Kh: :Ah:
PLAYER7 shows :6d: :Th:
PLAYER4 wins Main Pot and Side Pot