just busted my $30 BR in 1 day

    • magentera
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      I just need a little comfort in my time of need. it took me weeks to go from $0 to $30 from grinding the freerolls then to 2 cent 990s. It's strange because that whole time i thought i was playing really decent and just kept on getting rivered or calling with the best of it and losing by the turn. I am going to just deposit after this because that was a struggle I'm not willing to do again but it did teach me a few things along the way, such things include: BRM and the true importance of it, controlling my tilt and how effective regular breaks are. Any advice is welcome
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    • RiSh421
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      those are 2 of the most important points in poker: tilt and Bankroll management. It is even more important than talent and luck, for me, as they can effect on those points.
      BRM is not complicated to get: google it and you find the classical 25 cash game BIs and 100 mtts Bis etc....
      For tilt, there is some great books: poker mindset, mental game of poker .....

      Cheers !!