Skrill not giving me bonus 10$ ?!?!

    • rogaans
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      Hello everyone, so i saw this free money offer on pokerstrategy, i can get free 10$ by depositing money on skrill, and using it to deposit money on poker room. So i went to pokerstrategy skrill offer, opened up the skrill link from pokerstrategy, registered, entered my customer ID on pokerstrategy, deposited 10 euros on skrill, made a deposit on pokerstars for 10 eur. I waited for 5 working days to get my 10$ then i contated skrill support. Support said that i didnt register from pokerstrategy, but i clearly know that i did. The only purpose was to get some free bankroll, so i didnt everything pokerstrategy guide asked. I said to support i clearly know i registered from pokerstrategy and they are not answering me anymore. What should i do now? Thats very fustrating.

      Sorry for bad eanglish, if something is not clear, just ask in comments.:f_drink:
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