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    • ghaleon
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      Have noticed lot of comments in videos recently in Russia and many other ones I would categorize as spam. Just curious if there is moderation done for these?

      I would suppose comments in non English will not serve most of users. Definitely very few if I would give my own as Finnish :)

      Some other comments are ok I suppose though what I personally tend to look from comments are ones that give some questions or alternative opinion on material in video. This is just made to be more of a hassle when there is 50 comments with like 1-5 that has some of value I am looking for.
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    • SvenBe
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      Hi ghaleon,

      we are already tackling this.
      I can tell you where that comes from: we want to encourage more members to use our content. Therefore we made the nice Ipad promo that consists of several tasks like make a forum post, watch a video, make comments to videos.
      The amounts there are a bit off, as you get more tickets for 5 and 10 comments, but only 1 task for viewing videos. We are going to change that to the other way around.
      This shouldn't eliminate but limit the comment spam. We are going through the recent videos to toggle the obvious spams, but also appreciate if users simply say "hey, i liked the video idea".
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    • tonypmm
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      Hi Sven,

      Could you please introduce a significant penalty for comment/forum spammers, e.g. 1-3-month suspension from the iPad promotion (as the purpose of such low content comments is usually getting a raffle ticket)? Anyone who can't take as few as 5 minutes to find content that genuinely interests him/her and write a relevant comment on it totally deserves punishment for neglecting the comfort of lots of other members.

      If you're unsure what constitutes spam for the purpose of this penalty and what doesn't (e.g. it's annoying to see someone repeat a comment that someone else has posted to the same video or news or post an excerpt from the news itself without commenting on it additionally), you could let the community decide, e.g. post a disciplinary poll (one per each offence) in the Platinum-restricted area and suspend the offender from the iPad promo if >75% or whatever % of the VIP voters are in favour of the penalty - I'm sure they'll be quite objective because few of them actually care about increasing their chances in this cheap raffle, rather, they care about the pleasure of conversing with a genuine poster or annoyance from reading spam.

      That said, when you see comments in foreign languages, you need to have them translated first (by Google or a trustworthy member or a staff member who knows the language) to see if they are total spam or if they make good sense in their language. I've seen a lot of genuine Russian comments to Collin Moshman's videos, including numerous thanks and requests to have them translated into Russian faster (there are delays of several weeks or even months currently) and promises to earn a higher status to be able to watch them, that are less annoying even to non-Russian speakers than overt spam in pure English.

      Foreign language comments emerge because, in non-English communities, the video section lists both English and native language videos and original English versions usually appear so much earlier than the translations that even those who speak English poorly (but, obviously, understand it better) watch the English originals as soon as they appear and express their gratitude. In particular, Collin has a huge cult following in the Russian community, which is reciprocated as he likes to review play of its members (I'm obviously a living proof :f_love: ).

      In this foreign language case, you can delegate the disciplinary decision to the staff or members of the corresponding foreign community, as they understand perfectly what is said in such comments.

      Thanks for understanding! :f_love:
    • SvenBe
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      He tony,

      I know it is annoying, it annoys me, it annoys many of our heavy-users. We did some changes:
      - move the video comment task to the end
      - reduce it to 1 comment
      - point out to users that were abusing it in other languages to keep it in English.

      On the other hand, comments are rarely considered the main part of the video section, so consuming the main part: the video, is not affected.
      We have this raffle and will still have it in the future. What we do not want is: "you get a ticket for doing x (conditions apply)". We want to keep it simple and this means we sacrifice the user experience of the regulars.
      So, all in all after the above mentioned changes we will neither implement additional restrictions, nor will we change the ticket system.

      TL,DR: yes it sucks but there are bigger things to tackle as watching vids still works as usual

      Thanks for the read and also your post!
    • tonypmm
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      Could you please make the requirement of >=30 symbols more visible (not hidden onto the help page that hardly anyone has read)? At least we'll be getting much fewer irrelevant shorter comments this way. The downside is that there will be more 30-symbol nonsense then, but it will be more recognisable by mods.

      Alternatively, you could add a counter of how many posts/comments are remaining until extra tickets, which will make people wonder why the countdown doesn't move after their short comments and look the help file up.
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      Yes those comments are insanely tilting :D
    • 4s4s4s
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      Yes, better all talk with international language, because it's annoys
    • Goldstack064
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      Как посмотреть видео если оно закрыто или недоступно , в чем там дело хз , вообщем решите этот вопрос , сами лотерею проводите , а косяки не исправлены! Спасибо за понимания!
    • Lazza61
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      How to watch the video if it is closed or not available, what it was xs, actually decide the matter, lottery spend themselves, and schools are not corrected! Thank you for understanding!
      Hey Goldstack064,

      You may be better off asking on our Russian forum.