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We All Know I Won't Make The Distance - A Blog To Follow My Failure

    • MrMardyBum
      Joined: 14.03.2009 Posts: 2,235
      I'll Never Be A Pro - Or Even A Semi-Pro

      What the hell happened to this chick? Sad that I still like this - Actually it's pretty bad I liked it in the first place. :f_mad:

      I've dreamt of becoming great at this game... It never happened. Never will. I never follow through, but always return, with new plans, blogs, goals and unrealistic views on my capabilities... Truth is I cannot play this game consistently at a decent level... Truth is I probably rise on good luck and fall when my ability is really tested... Guess what? I'm back to do it again!

      There's something about this game that keeps pulling me back, it's unexplainable... I don't gamble on horses, dogs or even fruit machines. I don't take many risks with finances or life... I don't have a deep understanding of psychology, I don't apply myself because I never think I'll really make it. Yet here I am again. At the Poker tables... I don't know why I bother - Win or lose, I'll probably be gone in about 2 - 3 months...

      I go through phases of putting in study time, only to leave the tables and forget everything by the time I return, making it a complete waste of time... I sometimes even manage to give other players great advice that I completely ignore myself! Poker is an evil bitch that has her claws into me for no real reason that I can put my finger on... It's not an addiction, it's not making money, it maybe a love of the game. But I used to love playing football... I don't return to that every few months... I wish I could break the cycle and get some longevity to my playing, but doubt I will.

      So for better or worse here I am again for a few months... Maybe - If I last that long... Doubt I'll make it past that point but I'll try and have a bit of fun while I'm here! I do like tracking my progress here either way so .... Started with $50.. Got 5 x $3 Spin and go tickets - Won 4/5 that I entered and now have $86... Now I sit staring blankly at the screen wondering what game to waste my time playing now...

      So that's how I feel, feel free to read along while it lasts or not... Don't get me wrong - I'd love to succeed, but given my history with this game, I very much doubt I will... Because whether I win or lose I just seem to fade away from the tables and then the Poker community... Let's see how it works out this time.
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