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AAA's blog

    • aaamasti
      Joined: 12.01.2015 Posts: 16
      9:02 pm local time
      *blue muppet - infected mushrooms*

      So today Ive decided to start writing my blog here instead of the PSOL over at poker stars, I believe in fresh begginings, not that I need one lol

      Im in the middle of a freeroll over at Winner poker, 5 euro 3 tokens gtd ...

      I have a big tournament tonight, well its big for me anyways because the prize pool has 2k added , the BONANZA tournament, I was lucky enough to receive a free 2 euro token for the tournament, so in about 4 hours my roller coaster starts !

      Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I live in Pakistan and Im a fail attempt at everything Ive ever tried to be, Im a medical student / part time high school biology teacher ... and so far Im sucking at both !!! lol
      I started playing online and live poker back in 2004, iv never deposited online in my life, I have relied on poker sites that offer free bankrolls like forever, I remember I started with 50$ free at party poker then 50$ at full tilt poker and so on, then in 2012 I got into staking, my first 5 stakes were all in good profit but due to poor bankroll management Ive always gone bust ... even now I remain bust hehe
      the highest my bankroll has ever touched starting from ZERO has been 220$ on full tilt poker. Iv been staked on poker stars and well ever since pokerstars and full tilt stopped offering real money in pakistan, Ive had to shift my game to Winner and William hill where I was given a starting capital of 10$ each ... at winner i went bust at 177 points after having trippled my bankroll and at William hill I went bust at 84 points of play having reached a max of 14$

      so what I do now is I freeroll during the day winning 20 cents here and there gambling on the hulk ... lol , I won a 5 euro token in one of the same tournaments Im in now but couldnt win the 10 euro prize winner take all in the spin and win, my problem is not that Im a bad player or I dont win ... my problem is I play too big and mostly get bad beats , of which the worst has been quads against quads

      Anyways to tell you a little about my personal life now ...
      I recently got in a relationship, I had my sweet heart download the winner software so she can rail me :f_cool: and tonights going to be the first time that happens, I intend to keep writing till I get knocked out of the tournament. My final year medical exams have been getting postponned for 4 months now due to a court case on our university, so my entire rhythm of studying has been disturbed.

      *avratz - infected mushroom*

      Im looking to make new friends here on PS, I really have enjoyed the experience these people have given me and a big shout out of thanks to you all at PS :)

      *just doubled up to 4064 chips in the tournament - 9:34 pm blinds 100-200*

      *release me - infected mushroom*

      Let me tell you about my live game experience, Ive been playing live home games cash and tournaments with the same guys since 1st year of medical school, and Ive been in profit in the last 4 consecutive sessions, I love to wear shades while I play and smoke
      the freakin software keeps disconnecting, its been doing that the whole day !!! I hope my Bonanza isnt ruined because of it ...
      I dont have that many friends here that are into poker, Im going to reffer a few to this place though, already talked one into signing up over the weekend.

      I boought half a dozen boston kreme doughnuts today so I can enjoy them while I play tonight,

      *3289 chips card dead and the funny thing is I havent even folded any winners lol, will have to get aggressive soon blinds increasing :f_mad: * blinds 200- 400 ante 50* 9:44 pm

      *peaople are strange- infected mushroom*

      *dinner break , smells like chicken is on the menu ... brb * 9:53 pm

      *5303 chips just doubled up* blinds 300 600 antes 50*

      *First break 10:03 pm 4753 chips 35 of 47 total 298 entrants*

      had chicken and rice and a doughnut :f_pleased:

      Ive saved the season finale of Two and a half men for tonight and a few episodes of gotham while I play my big game yipee :f_drink:

      *shipped it all in with pocket kings and more than trippled up in chips to 15,519 chips blinds 600 1200 ante 15* :f_thumbsup:

      *17949 chips* 10:12 pm

      busted at 47 out of 298 entrants, shoved all in with A 10 suited got called by A8 Off ... bad luck BLAAAH

      Im going to blow off some steam by going for a walk, wanna be fresh for the game tonight so see you all in a bit :) thanks for reading !!!
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    • aaamasti
      Joined: 12.01.2015 Posts: 16
      busted out early in bonanza, dont even wanna talk about it lol
    • aaamasti
      Joined: 12.01.2015 Posts: 16
      alright, Iv been freerolling at 888poker and over there I won 3 tickets to the Battle for glory (Rest of the world) and Im proud to say I cashed in all three attempts with the highest finish of 98 out of 2500 to win yet another ticket to the 20,000 Battle of nations ... wich starts on the 9th of March 2015 20:20 GMT ... fingers crossed theres lots up for grabs not to mention Im the only Pakistani to represent my country in the upcoming tournament :) and Iv got some good finishes this past week, finished on the bubble 3rd in a 2 10euro token gtd tournament over at winner poker . it stung for about an hour lol . but its all good . chit happens in poker.

      I would love to get a rail going for the tournament on the 9th at 888 poker. I dont have any friends here at poker strategy so far. A rail might change that :) let me know what you guys think :)
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,030
      Hey aaamasti,

      Good Luck in the Battle of Nations. I should have a go myself. To use cricketing parlance "I should go to bat for Australia" :coolface:

      Good Luck :gl:

    • aaamasti
      Joined: 12.01.2015 Posts: 16
      good luck to you sir Lazza61 :) and thank you