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What to do if opponent 3bets wide against you?

    • maythany
      Joined: 18.10.2011 Posts: 1,195

      I've been doing some database analysis and found out that an opponent specifically bets wide against me whenever I open. He has 3bet vs hero is 16.0 over a sample of 81 hands and i have over 1k hands on him.

      I just started using this stat so that means his b3etting range is 16% correct? I don't have tangible evidence to yet support my claim, but I believe this particular opponent may be 3betting against me a lot wider than that.

      I am wondering how I can battle against this? Do I 4bet my hands that have over 50% equity against his range? do I cold call hands that have less than 50% equity against his range like Ajo?

      He also 3bets me when i open from CO and he is either in BTN,SB or BB.

      Whenever I open from EP, he 3bets me.

      I am hoping to learn some strategy to combat against these type of opponents.

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    • SvenBe
      Joined: 19.04.2006 Posts: 13,499
      Not saying that your sample size is sufficient, but let's assume so:

      - your opponent thinks you fold too much either pre or postflop
      - or he thinks he can outplay you all the time to make it +EV

      => he thinks you do not react to his aggression

      So, how about
      a) opening tighter when you know that he is likely to 3bet you
      b) 4betting for bluff IF you assume he gives you credit which is very likely
      c) calling the 3bets with monsters as he would again be likely to fold to 4bet

      Turn it around and use that he is exploiting you in your favor! But be aware, once he knows that he re-adapts and the game starts again... The beauty of Poker :-)
    • maythany
      Joined: 18.10.2011 Posts: 1,195
      This is 2nl fast fold so I can confidently say that he thinks i fold too much pre-flop or post.

    • AlphaVillain
      Joined: 09.10.2014 Posts: 368
      I have serious doubts that a NL2 regular is capable of exploiting any leak related to 3bets.(or even noticing it exists). I wouldn't worry much about it, I'd wait for a more relevant sample. If somebody does 3bet you too wide, however, SvenBe pretty much covered your best options.
    • junona1992
      Joined: 01.03.2015 Posts: 13
      I have serious doubts that a NL2 regular is capable of exploiting any leak related to 3bets.(or even noticing it exists).

      You would be suprised :f_biggrin: --> me :) 3 years ago I was nl30/nl50 reg, but had to do too many cashouts and poker bacame really stressfull when I was grinding back from n10 or even lower too many times, so at the end I quited. Now Im here again(this time no pressure and cashouts, I graduated and ATM I am searching for a real job, but still no "luck"), at Pokerstars (zoom type of games are only reason Im willing to try again), bought 25 eur paysafe card, first deposit (free20) = +extra 20$ + 4x5$, also waiting for 10$ at skrill for first time promo bonus and now I have nice nl2 bankroll. Today I was crushing poor regulars at nl2 with 3bets, D vs CO is really a spot which you can abuse any of the regulars, but dont go crazy if he plays back, usualy he has something. Ofc if you notice a guy who is stealing a lot, go for it and make him pay. All you want at postflop game is a position where you going to have last decision.

      Whats about OPs problems, well... If there is only 1 guy, it's not a big problem and there is still a possibility that he really had good hands, at least when you played back. I remember my first live tourney, first hour I got AA three times and one time QQ :) So everything is possible. Maybe you should tell us your stats. At least vpip and pfr by positions and I can tell you what I would do vs you.