Becoming a better me with some help (2nl Beginner- 6 months in)

    • magentera
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      :ayfkm: Getting so frustrated with the way I'm playing right now, i need a place to vent so bare with me for a minute.

      In the past 24 hours I've lost 25 buy ins from getting it in good and losing by the river. I'm telling you it wouldn't matter what i was holding whether it be aces or a flush even a full house, all these hands could not hold up more then 50% of the time they villain made it by the river.

      For example: I have Broadway straight by the turn and get it all in, no flush on board and the villain calls with a set of Queens. I was excited because there was $6 in the pot my reaction was like :happy: but then then the river changed my face into something like :spit: . the river was a j... pairing the board giving villain full house... at first i was like :pcuser: thinking OK that was a bad beat for sure but it didn't stop there, it went like this for majority of my strong hands.

      I would say that the hands i lost the most in i was a 70% favorite but lost more then 50% of the time. The session was about 2k-3k hands and by far my worst run bad I've ever experienced. I am going away for 4 days and will be away from electronics, this will be a great reflection period for me to deal with some tilt problems that may have caused these losses or possibly think of new ways of becoming a better player.


      Can anybody share some sympathy for me? also i have a few questions i would like to ask.

      :spade: Usually i run at about 24%VPIP/18%PFR/57%AFq, is this too lose for 2nl? I considering my self quite lagy and I've heard it pays of at the low stakes. And i do see results, i win majority of the pots I'm in but lose huge amounts when i get it in with the best?
      :spade: Should i consider tightening up with these big hands? control the pot or keep getting it in with the best of it?
      :spade: How do i tame my urge to see villains hand even though i can say with certainty what he has?
      :spade: I play 4 tables usually, two with NL Holdem and two with PL Omaha, is it a bad idea to mix these two?

      I would like to add a few goals of mine to the bottom of the post to give you feeling of my determination to learn and continue on this path.
      Life Goals:
      :heart: Stay in school and finish my degree in programming, with the highest achievement level (currently highest performer in the field
      across campus):fuckyeah:
      :heart: Start up small website development business for local companies by end of next year.
      :heart: In 5 years have my own house and earning over 100k a year from all sources of income (current age: 20).
      :heart: Over the course of the rest of my life I do not want to gain large amounts of weight.

      Poker Goals:
      :diamond: Post more threads and ask questions about hands and other important factors.
      :diamond: Win more then $1000 by the end of this year.
      :diamond: Get hand tracking soft ware such as hm2 and stop using Jivaro.
      :diamond: Get coaching to fill some leaks and do more hand analysis.
      :diamond: By the end of 2016 be a consistent winner in 100nl

      Thanks for reading my post and giving feed back, I will most likely make this my Poker blog so if your interested follow along and see how i progress.
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey magentera,

      Unfortunately variance can really be a bitch. My problem lately is running QQ and KK into KK and AA. :facepalm: ,
      but learning to accept variance will go along way to keeping tilt in check.

      As for your questions, I'm an MTT player but having multi-tabled mixed games myself, i found it's generally not a good idea (well, not for me anyway :f_biggrin: ). Much better to focus on one game type at a time which also will help minimise mistakes.

      I'll move this to the blogs for you as I feel it won't catch many viewers here. :f_thumbsup:

      Have fun :gl: