Nista ovde meni nije jasno

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    • autonomash
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      Ma goni ih u qrac. Ja sam napravio nalog i uradio claim da mi daju 50$ free, poslao im dokumenta kao verifikaciju, oni mi kazu da nisam prosao njihove sigurnosne provere i onda mi odmah posle toga posalju mail da uplatim depozit bla, bla... Kad treba da im uplatim pare onda sam dovoljno siguran, a kad treba oni meni da daju pare onda nisam dovoljno siguran. Nadam se da ti je malo jasnije :D
    • MaricaPlavusa
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      Meni su dali 10e bez provere.Mozda sam kao plavusa sigurna. :) Sad za sve dalje traze depozit.Znas li kakve su sanse da nesto i isplate ako se nesto zaradi?Razmisljam o depozitu.
    • NutzAreOk
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      Hello MaricaPlavusa and welcome to! :)

      Originally posted by MaricaPlavusa
      Google translate:

      Is there some clever to me in Serbian explain all this?
      First of all, please discuss in english here. Secondly, what kind of explanation you need?

      You seem to already taken advantage for one of our free money offers so :appl: for that. :)

      Have you checked our member map yet? If not, check it out and add yourself too. You never know, there might be other PokerStrategy members near you.

      If you have anything to ask, don`t hesitate to ask it. :f_smile:
    • autonomash
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      Ne seri nindza. Ako ja mogu da prevodim engleski mozes i ti srpski. A sto se tice isplate znam 100% da isplacuju zato sto jedan moj kolega vec duze vreme igra poker i isplacivali su ga preko Moneybookersa. Kako sam popizdeo kad su mi poslali mail da nisam prosao njihove provere, kao da su me nasli na poternici interpola.
    • Harrier88
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      Originally posted by autonomash (via Google Translate)
      No shit ninja. If I can translate English you can do the Serbian. As for payments to know 100% that paid because a colleague of mine for a long time playing poker and paid him with Moneybookers. How I pissed when they sent me mail that I passed their test, as if they found me on the Interpol warrant.
      Hi autonomash,

      I'm sorry, but this is the English community, so you'll have to communicate with us in English. Please keep in mind that we have people from all corners of the globe over here, so this community can only work if we stick to one common language. You can't really expect any of us to be able to speak Serbian.

      From what I can gather, you seem to have some problems with one of our free money offers. In this case, I believe the best you can do would be to send our customer support a ticket, if you haven't already, and let them know what exactly went wrong. If there is anything they can do for you, they'll be happy to help you out. There is not a lot we can do about it here on the forum, I'm afraid.
    • Skodljivec
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      Yeah op says he doesn't understand anything (and that's all he says, doesn't specify), then the other say how they didn't pass the security for the free money and that you guys (we? :D ) should go **** yourself :D
    • autonomash
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      Something like that, slightly shortened, but pretty much OK. But you'll never be able to translate the Serbian curses (swears) :D , mozda neki Jugosloven moze da prevede :D .

      Anyway, this is not correct translate of what I said: "How I pissed when they sent me mail that I passed their test, as if they found me on the Interpol warrant."

      Slovenac kazi mi da li je 50$ samo marketing ili sam ja izabran da ne prodjem "sigurnosne provere"?
    • Elendil0
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      'autonomash' actually said that you:
      1. wouldn't issue his "$50 free" (which is actually -a lengthy playthrough bonus with big wagering/ withdraw requirements, right, and in return you take nice % of lifetime rake), because you wouldn't accept his documents.
      2. right after that you started mailing him coercing him to deposit with the room. So he wonders "How can my docs not be good for "free $" but are good to invite me to depo my own money..."
      And yes those "Make a Deposit" emails you are sending are very personalized and newbie targeting, like i personally haven't received one in a long time lol!