Formal Protest of the German Black Member Community against the actions of

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      Formal protest of the signing party against the actions of regarding the cancellation of previously guaranteed goods and services
      To the board of directors of Ltd, namely Damian Sokol (CEO), Pavel Stehno (COO) and Hannes Zott (Community Manager Germany)

      Dear Sirs,
      We, the signers of this document, hereby state that we have taken note of the announced changes and especially the offered compensations but cannot accept them.
      From our perspective, which has been confirmed by non-involved and independent parties, the following claims exist on the side of the affected users:
      • Claims to the provision of a tailored suit, confirmed by Hannes Zott (Community Manager Germany)

        Original von HannesZ
        Wenn ihr bis zum 20. August 2015 euren Anspruch auf einen Maßanzug nicht wahrgenommen habt, wird dieser automatisch in ein Los für die
        $100.000-Black-Member-Verlosung umgewandelt.
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        Originally posted by Marta
        If you do not manage to or don't want to have your suit tailored in one of the events until 20th August 2015, your pending entitlement to get a suit will be turned into $100,000 Black Member Raffle ticket.
        (Source: Poker Eco-system and Black Member events in 2015 )

      • Claims to travel vouchers (referred to as ”travel tokens” by Ltd.) valued $600 each, confirmed by Hannes Zott (Community Manager Germany)

        Original von HannesZ
        Wie kann ich meine Reisetokens 2015 nutzen?
        Es gibt keine Änderungen im Hinblick darauf, wie Reisetokens genutzt und eingelöst werden.
        Falls ihr Fragen dazu habt, wendet euch bitte via E-Mail an

        Alle Tokens, die bis zum 20. August 2015 nicht genutzt wurden, werden automatisch in Lose für die im Anschluss folgende $100.000-Black-Member-Verlosung umgewandelt.
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        Originally posted by Marta
        How can I use my travel tokens in 2015?
        There are no changes in how travel tokens are used and redeemed. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at
        Any pending tokens you did not use until 20th August 2015 will automatically enter $100,000 Black Member Raffle.
        (Source: Poker Eco-system and Black Member events in 2015 )

        Original von Katriiin
        III. Die Reisekostentoken

        In der Regel ist die Anreise zu einem Event nicht im Event enthalten. Besonders aktiven Black Membern ermöglichen wir allerdings das erspielen von Reisekostentoken.

        Für 100.000 Strategypoints in einem der oben genannten Qualifikationszeiträume erhält ein Black Member einen Reisekostentoken.
        Reisekostentoken können zusammen mit einem Event Ticket eingelöst werden. Black Member die einen Reisekostentoken zusammen mit einem Event Ticket einlösen,
        erhalten nach dem Event 600 US-Dollar auf Ihr Promokonto gutgeschrieben.
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        Originally posted by Katriiin

        III. Travel expenses token

        As a rule, transport to events is not covered as part of the event offer. However, for particularly active Black Members, we offer the option to earn a travel expenses token.

        For 100,000 StrategyPoints earned in one of the qualification time frames mentioned above, a Black Member can apply for a travel expenses token. Travel expenses tokens will be automatically redeemed together with an event ticket. Black Members who redeem their travel expenses token together with an event ticket will be credited with 600 US dollars in their promotion account.
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      • Claims to service vouchers of unspecified value (referred to as “event tickets” by Ltd.) for services provided in advance by the affected party

        Original von Katriiin
        I. Tickets und Qualifikationszeiträume

        Für die Teilnahme an diesen Events werden ein oder mehrere Tickets benötigt, die man als Black Member in festgelegten Qualifikationszeiträumen erspielen kann.
        Für das Erreichen eines Tickets werden in den unten genannten Qualifikationszeiträumen 33.000 Strategypoints benötigt.
        (Quelle: )

        Originally posted by Katriiin
        I. Tickets and qualification time frame

        You'll need one or several tickets to participate in these events, which you can earn in the qualification time frame determined, provided you're a Black Member. You'll need to earn 33,000 StrategyPoints in the qualification time frame quoted below to get a ticket.
        (Source: )

      Due to the requirement of service provision in advance of issuing the vouchers (“event tickets”), this is to be considered as equivalent to a purchase.
      Due to the particular nature of the vouchers (“event tickets”), compensation does not require a precisely specified value. In this case, the cash value is determined by the obtainable service, namely the visit of an “event” with diversely expressed particular services, including the promised stay in a first class hotel as well as “extraordinary experiences” of all sorts. Due to the services not being standardized in the past, a valuation based on average costs of the event is permissible.
      Moreover, we hereby also object to the expiration of the vouchers on the ground of more vouchers (“event tickets”) currently being in circulation than places being available at the respective events. On this account, the omission to redeem the vouchers does not lie within the responsibility of the owner but within that of the issuing agency, that is, Ltd. Hence, expiration of the vouchers cannot occur with non-use not being the fault of the owner.
      It is conjectured that even the expiration of already expired vouchers (“event tickets”) is to be called into question as Ltd. at any time made available only a limited quota of places.
      We, the signers of this document, furthermore object to the suggested compensation by means of a ”$100.000 raffle” among all affected users.
      We, the signers of this document, expect compliance of the following points:
      • Provision of a tailored suit or, alternatively, adequate monetary compensation for all entitled users
      • Payment of the travel vouchers (“travel tokens”) at the fixed value of $600
      • Offer of further (adequate) events or, alternatively, adequate monetary compensation for all entitled users

      Furthermore, we reject the following offers:
      • compulsory conversion of claims into “raffle tickets”
      • expiration of service vouchers (“event tickets”) due to demonstrable non-redeemability

      We, the signers of this document, hereby place an adequate deadline at March 16th, 2015 for complying with the above-mentioned points or, alternatively, entering into the process of discussing a satisfactory solution for both parties. We reserve the right to initiate further steps if no agreement has been reached at the specified date.

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