Back to poker again..

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      Hi everyone,

      I just signed up here a few days back and posted a couple of questions in the hand discussion forums..

      I live in London, started playing poker about 30 years ago (5 card draw - at school - very badly!). Took up online poker in the late 90s with whatever that Mike Caro site was called - I think I played limit then. In the 00's I read the Harrington books, and played some STT NL $10 and $20 - mainly at - made a bit and lost a bit - very bad bankroll management. Probably slightly up overall but very prone to tilt and blow all money on cash games! Stopped around 2006 I think..

      Then in 2009/2010 started trying to play 6 max cash games with very little success. Again, didn't really figure on the variance - and got disheartened with a 300 hand downswing or something like that. Probably playing very bad too. Got bored.

      Just decided to take it up again, and try to get at least half way decent at 6-max. I've got around $40 in ipoker - playing the nl4 6 max tables - which is clearly not enough bankroll, but I'm up 200bb at the moment - we will see how it goes. Also have $15 in PS for $1.50 STT - planning to do a bit more studying on their programme too.

      I had a look at the strategy guides here, which seem pretty good. Also been reading the free 6 max book from Bill Vosti, as well as starting the Poker Blueprint. My main leak has been playing 6 max like a tournament and seriously overvaluing hands - but I think I am getting a bit less fishy (I hope).

      Anyway, good to be here, and see you at the tables!
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