What to expect at different levels?

    • jmstone
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      I guess we expect play to be worse at NL2 vs. NL50, but does anyone have thoughts about what kinds of plays are common/expected at each level? What mistakes are common at different levels?
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    • SvenBe
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      He jmstone,

      very good question.
      General consensus is that the more lower in stakes you go, the less you need to make sure that you have a well balanced game plan that makes you unexploitable. Instead, you can focus on yourself taking the most profitable lines vs your opponents mistakes.

      I can advise you to have a look at double2's series: 10 tips to get out of the micros, which should give you an understanding what the common leaks are. You find them here for silver status.

      Also, we just started a news series with our highstakes coach Uri Peleg, who moved down to NL10-NL25 for one video - also one recommendation for you. Further vids though will be for higher statuses.
      Uri Peleg climbs the stakes

      Let us know what your findings are :-)