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Swiss guy in London

    • hZn
      Joined: 06.05.2007 Posts: 415
      Hi Folks

      I’m Armin from Switzerland and try to make my first blog here.
      Actually I stay in London and improve my English. Please excuse when my writing is not correct. But not just that I really like poker and London is good for that and I’m enjoying Drum and Bass. Is easy to find Party’s here.
      My Goal for this Blog is to improve my (Live-) Poker skills and my English. And maybe I can meet somebody who lives also in London and to have a chat together. :f_drink:
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    • hZn
      Joined: 06.05.2007 Posts: 415
      I had yesterday my first Season this month, but it was not going well. I had a really good table but I was not running well.

      First Hand
      Hero is SB with :4d: :3d:

      It was a raised Pot and I like to call some low suited connectors.

      The Flop was :Jd: :Td: :2d: .I flopped the Flush and normally I check raise on this Board but the table was passive post flop and so I decided to donk. I got 2 callers. On the Turn I bet 65£ and one caller shoved for 120£.The other folded. I think I have an easy call here. Unfortunately he had :Qd: :9d: .
      The Rest of the Evening was not really interesting, until to this Hand.

      Hero is UTG
      :Ks: :Qc:
      I open raise UTG after a Straddle to 15£. Everybody folds expect for the Straddle. He reraise to 40£. I`m not sure but I think is a fold against someone who was not really active so far. But I called.
      Flop was :Kd: :9h: :5c: For my surprise he checked. And I check back. I see no value bet versus his range. And that’s the reason why I think preflop would be better when I fold.
      On the Turn after a blank came down he checked again. And I see him on TT-QQ or AQ. I think I can make 2 small bets and get called probably twice at least from the pockets. So I bet 25£. After that he began to speak and raised after 1 min to 75£. I think here also I have to fold. He makes that never as bluff. He has most of the time a strong hand. But I decided to call.
      On the River came a Qh. That was a really nice card for me. Now I have everything beat except for KK and 99. He shoved now for 210£. After a few seconds I called. He had Pocket 9s

      Would you playing this Hand differently?
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 39,280
      I’m not a cash game player, but in first hand is not clear for me of with position the raise is coming and how many players already entered the pot when you decided to call the pot size raise. Overall looks it well played post flop and it’s unlucky you was dominated.

      2nd hand is indeed a fold on turn. I’m not a live expert, but his talking could be a signal that he has a strong hand.

      Are you playing most of the time live or you playing also a lot online poker?
      Further I wish you the best with playing cash games in London :gl: