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      Hello Everyone, Marv here, I have been playing online for about 3 years with some success. I started by making a $100 deposit playing micro cash games. I lost my 100 bucks in about a week. I subsequently, made two more $100 deposits over the next couple of weeks and after 5 weeks was down $350. I made one last $100 deposit and told myself it was my last when it was gone I was done with online poker. Well I am here three and a half years later and haven't another deposit. I turned away from the cash games and found my way to playing 2 and 3 table sng's at the $5 level. After cashing a few times and increasing my bankroll to over $400, I move to the next level of $10 sng (two table). It has taken off from there. To improve my game I used my fpp's to get Harrington's 3 volume set, a couple of Sklansky's books (Theory, Holdem for Advance Players, purchase one of Helmuth's book's). And as a result I have made more than $15,000 over the past three years playing primarily Sng's. I have recently started trying my hand more regularly at the MTT game and mave managed to cash and show a profit from playing in several small $10 MTT's (usually under 200 players) Due to personal financial issues unrelated to poker, I have had to make substantial withdrawals from my bankrolls. Having deplete my bankroll down to about $1,000 I am now looking for a method to speed the recovery of my bankroll and have come to the conclusion that MTT's are the quickest method of doing so. Hence, I have been searching the net for information and coaching on MTT play to help me with this indever. I have toured this site and found some great information. I really look forward to chatting with all of you.
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      Hi Marv & welcome to PokerStrategy.

      You will find us all friendly & helpful here. Make good use of the strategy guides, live coaching sessions & sample hands posts, especially in relation to BRM (Bank Roll Management). Don't take offence, but your current method still seems a little "gun-ho" to me, which might work, but you are possibly a little too open to a massive downswing.

      Ditto, if you are needing money outside of poker at the moment (don't we all ;) ), should be considering limiting your exposure to gambling a little, not expanding it. Believe me, Poker is not a get rich quick plan.

      The guides will explain all this if you read them carefully. Meant as a helpful suggestion for consideration, you don't of course have to follow :)

      Anyway, good to see you on the site, welcome again & good luck. :D