The origin of poker

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      The origin of poker
      The game itself comes from the German pochen (hit). The historical origin of the game Albokouglm to be determined, but this game dating back to several centuries. The game is very much like the Iranian people to the game. He had been imported into Europe at the time of the Crusades, and was responsible for many similar games. Although there is no evidence that the way people play until 1890.
      Players configure the hands of five cards in accordance with the laws of the pre-prepared and which vary according to the type of poker. These hands are in accordance with the common arrangement in all types of poker, the player who gets the highest ranking hand in round earns top rankings and named Royal Flash and is a five consecutive cards of the same brand and Royal Flash differ from Astreet flash. This arrangement is also used in some other papers games and poker dice.
      The poker is the main axis of the dramatic plots for several films, for example, The Rounders, Casino Royal, The Sting :f_drink:
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