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Question about being staked

    • ronekinky
      Joined: 25.04.2008 Posts: 533
      Hi, quick question.. i dont know much about being staked. But i read that its often a "50-50 deal with makeup". So say that im staked to play mtts with average buy-in 20$. I go on a standard 100 buy-in down swing = make up 2000$.

      Then i finally bink a 4000$ win. Since its a 50-50 deal, 2000$ of that is mine. Then after i pay back the 2000k make up i owe my backer my profit is a solid 0$.

      Is this how it works? And is it even possible to make any money this way in todays increasingly stronger player fields?
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    • thirstysalt
      Joined: 08.03.2008 Posts: 89
      First all your winnings at any point are Winnings - MU. If your MU is 0, only then there is any profit, which then can be split between stacker and stakee according to the stacking agreement rules you'd have made.

      In your example, you have 2k MU hole, then you win 4k, you have mu of 0 and 2k net winnings, so you split it and receive 1k yourself with your 50/50 deal.

      Usually backer will not take a horse, if they don't think, the horse can't be profitable for them, either due to their own results and/or due to results+hard work+learning (some offer coaching on top of the deal). And yes, there is lot of money to be made, also its getting harder, with every year.
    • oI2ange
      Joined: 21.07.2015 Posts: 189
      Hey OP, in your example, you would have $2000 makeup. If you bink a $4000 win, you would pay $2000 back to makeup and then split the NET profits ($2000) 50/50 with your backer. You would receive $1000 and backer would receive $1000.