0 to 2.5$k in 20days

    • raugas14
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      Hello forum, it's Raugas14 with a new challenge,

      studied a lot recently so didn't have time to play poker, since i have been absent from poker like 1.5-2 months i decided to make myself a challenge starting from the lowest level there is- freerolls. My goal is to make 2500$ to the end of a month (20 days) as always a bit of extra money hanging from a friends if i make it, well not exacly money, if i complete this challenge i will get whole pallet of beer and if i can't make it i will have to buy my friends a pallet of beer :D . i will be playing on FTP and PS. So with all being said my next post will be once i win a bit of freeroll money :)
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