Me as a FreeRoll Player

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      Me as a Freeroll Player

      I started playing poker on a wrong time making it a escape goat of all
      my problems it all happen at the same time. When I first sat at the table I have only the basic knowledge on how to play and a free bankroll given to me when I sign up on their poker site. It’s a good thing for new players who wants to feel it first. What I did to my bankroll is I divided it to play the Cash Table, Sit n Go, and Tournaments well guess what it did not last 12hrs for my free $25. That’s because the Rush of betting came to me when I played at the Cash Table and there goes my free $25 ended without any knowledge about bankroll management. There is still 1 Tournament left that have not started yet and while waiting that’s where I’ve seen the Freeroll games. For 2 days I’m playing a freeroll on different poker game site I was so stress and craving for just one win or finish in the money for a week I did study read and watch articles about poker so I used what I learned from the books and the result is I’m finishing in the money on a freeroll games with 10,000 players but that’s just cents I’m winning next step dollars. And I still want to improve my playing style I did combine and mix the styles of play that I read and observe on a player then post the hand on a forum site and god the comments are so negative about the play I did but that negative help me to win my 1st freeroll game it’s $ 97.00 at 888poker site then I won my next freeroll twice that’s the BRM freeroll on where the most fishiest donkiest players you could find all is there I think a PRO will have a hard time winning this freeroll. I don’t deposit unless I want to try and play a major tournament with a big buy in…This is just the 1st part of my blog the 2nd will be the lessons strategy playing styles of a freeroll player…
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