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      Joined: 07.12.2008 Posts: 37
      Hey! I'm Chris. I'm a 34 year old tree surgeon from York, England. I live in Jersey (channel Islands UK) I have played poker for years now, NL hold'em micro. I been a member here at PS for years too. Seen alot of changes! I still wanna learn. I try and I try. I never give up. Im a pretty good breakeven player. I am a confident and unpredictable one. I have huge swings because when i'm on the ball n my heads with the programme I play very well indeed. Iam however very prone to......boredom, ego, alcohol and tilt! My poker name at the tables is YOURNOTSAFE. You maybe met me at the micros? I don't care about talking candidly about myself, or my game. I aint no mug at the tables despite my focus deficit, and I intend on really doing it this time! n crushing the micros! Anyone watching Bettercall Saul?? Ok, so I got a hard on for poker! Iam THEDEATHSTRIKER for God sake! I have been a member here for years! That means i'm a great player and I am an assett to this community yeah? .....Well i'm sorry to admit.....Nah :/ Im about as unique as a Japseye....sorry admin for drawing that analogy but lets get one thing right here from the start, I am a real bloke, i'm gonna blog exactly as if I were sat next to you chewing the fat ok? Good. Let me introduce myself: Im an intelligent, normal, funny, hardworking lad. I totally get the theory of as far as¦ I can see exactly how things work, or are supposed to, from selecting good starting hands. considering position, aggression, monster hands, draws, gutshots, one gappers, limping, broadway, aces going for a walk, tanking, fish, sharks, odds n outs, contibets, threebets, all this stuff all the way to the use of stats. I see it! I understand how diamond valuable stat info can be to a brain that is at the level to actually use the data effectively. I'm not there yet and still play largely by observation and instinct. I'm simply a good basic player who rarely loses his bankroll, often wins, often loses, get's on strategy n does well then gets bored/drunk/egotistical/influenced by watching pro's win with rags on tv lol....etc etc.......a normal, human bloke yeah. I am jealous and bitter about my crapness of......yeah.....fill in the blank lads n lasses! I do actually have some poker savvy when my determined streak surfaces believe it or not! (Ha ha n yeah you guessed it, i'm from Gods own county..Yorkshire in Northern England! n that's exactly the dialect your going to be reading here . I am determined this time to knuckle down and find my way out of the micros! I hope I have set the begining of the blog off ok for you all, my friends because I guarantee every person that stumbles accross this little narrative wil lbe entertained! Anyway I think I will say bye. bye for now, more to just so you know, I wrote this whole first post, letter by tedious letter on my X Box-One, whilst arguing n drinking whiskey with one of the madeiran guys who lives in the next door flats! We frequently get ........a tiny bit p13sed up on whiskey and abuse one another on the sabbath lol. Until next time friends when I will be sharing my thoughts on beginners BSS starting hand selection, post flop play and bluff strategy as well as asking your for your council/two penneth! Oh and did I mention I have bi-polar dissorder? We will get to that and the strange, great, amazing, sh*t, awesome, bad, poker gifts my changeable affliction bestows upon me from time to time at some point i'm sure. This bloggs gonna be a laugh n an education I think. Enjoy what's left of your sunday, i'm off to go give Adelino a slap, talk the Polish lads into a NL ring game n generally toss the rest of the day off before climbing tree's in the morning. Laters!
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    • adeee3
      Joined: 12.05.2009 Posts: 377
      When I firts saw the post I thought "OMG, WTF is this text?!" ... but reading it, made me even laugh at some point.
      Looking forward for other updates.
      Good luck with your poker career! :D