A strong will to improve

    • vasto2537
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      hey guys i just started playing poker a month ago. At first i thought poker was a game of all luck but gradually realized that this is not the case.strategic play is always profitable (even if youre the unluckiest guy ever) and thankyou PokerStrategy for helping me slowly improve my game and teaching me calculated risks and confidence is all it takes to improve performance.:f_drink: .i hope to learn a lot lot more over the next few years.
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    • Lazza61
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      Hey vasto2537,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com :welcome:

      Hopefully you'll be able to learn a lot more. What games and limits do you like to play? We should be able to link you to some nice strategy and/or videos specific to your game. :s_thumbsup:

      Don't forget to check out our free money offers. This will cost you nothing and will give you lifetime Bronze status.

      Bronze will give you a tracked room to earn SPs, the ability to send friend requests and PMs through our community tool as well as opening up more strategy and videos.

      If you are unsure of the room you would like to signup for, then check out our Choosing the right Poker Room for you!. Just reply by answering the questions in the first post and we''l do our best to find the best room for you in regards to traffic, volume, bonuses, etc. :s_thumbsup:

      If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask away. :f_biggrin:

      Have fun

    • Rakyd
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      Hi and wellcome fellow newbie! If u want to learn new stuff, check out the Strategy Section! Have fun and see you at the tables ;)
    • LeNNy010
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      Nice to hear, sounds like a whole world has opened up to you :) Poker is fun, even after so many years I still learn stuff! Welcome and enjoy the game as you progress.
    • StandardBacking
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      Good luck at the tables :f_drink: