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    • S0ulM
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      I just picked up poker again and want to learn 6 max cash games after mainly playing SNG's. I am bankrolled for 25nl so thought I would start there which didn't go well...

      So I've set myself a bit of a challenge:

        Use $100 of my roll and start out at 5nl, combining my poker time between studying and table time each week.

        Volume wont be that high, probably 3000 hands per week or so to start but increasing in a couple of months (I am also training for a 89 mile cycle ride at the end of April so loads of weekend time is going into that atm)

        First goal will be to get to 10nl at $250 and then will progress from there with a 25BI bankroll management system with the overall aim of getting out of the micros eventually...

        Second goal is to commit to spending at least 2 hours per week working on my game away from the tables.

      I am actually a week or so in so here is my first graph:

      A bit of a ropey start but the studying is starting to pay off and I have fixed a couple of things I was getting wrong - basically not respecting raises, trying to showdown too many hands and calling even when I was sure I was behind.

      Will try to post regular updates and post hands to be torn apart :f_biggrin:
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    • S0ulM
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      Not much poker over the weekend due to a day of drinking on Saturday watching Scotland suck at rugby again and a monumental hangover yesterday.

      Played for 1.5h hours of 5nl tonight, feel like I'm playing well and was on course to book a solid winning session when my standard one big error hit...misread a min 4bet as a squeeze and not real strength (I 3bet a loose btn raiser from the SB with KQ). I called the min 4bet , flopped a queen and somehow still thinking the BB was weak got it all in v his AA :f_frown:

      Managed to get back to break even after stacking a guy with a flopped set of 2's V AA again but could have been so much better.

      Oh well, tomorrow is another day and might be the day I learn to stop doing this.
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      Hey S0ulM,

      A couple of things you should check out. One of our most popular coaching threads is w34z3l's 6max walkthrough - (microstakes edition). There is some great stuff in there to help beat the micros.

      Also you should consider joining our Get Rich or Die Tryin' promotion. You could even win a status upgrade just for being an active participant.

      Have fun :gl: