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    • sergioval
      Joined: 17.01.2013 Posts: 67
      Hello. Here is the complaint I did send to Netbet support:


      Again a "bug" that is deceiving players. This time, you did steal all my balance:

      I did win a Twister Euro1 today (March 21, 2015). When I did click on the "use token" button I did receive the same error message I did receive in a reported bug this week: "Sorry, but the registration period for this tournament has ended." Immediately I did press the button again and I did receive the same error message. Sudenly appeared one table and some seconds later appeared another one. Only one token but it did registered me twice (?)

      I did loose both tables but when I went to the tokens list there was another Twister euro1. I did click on it an I did receive again the error message. I did click it again several times and each time I did receive a "Sorry" message and the offer to try with the next tournament. I did try several times and in each try I did receive the same messages. Sudenly appeared a message saying "Sorry, you don´t have enough fouds..." WHAT???!!!! The tokens where false???!!! After that the screen exploded. More than a dozen of tables were started !!! And the Netbet system have frozen !!! It was imposible to play the tournaments !!!

      I have had to restar the Netbet app. There were still some tables, but I have had almost no chips to play. So, I did decided to go all in. That way I did recover 2 euros, but the rest was stolen.

      I have the images. I'll use them to inform the community about this problem, because it can affect other players. Also I'll send them to the appropriate legal organization in case Netbet you don't want to solve this problem.

      So, I want my money back because:

      1) The tokens were false (each one, but the "first", charged me one euro)
      2) The messages were false (the messages did say that the registration was ended, but the system registered me with every click until steal all my money)
      3) It was impossible to play the tables because the system have frozen.

      Please, let me know what steps I must follow in order to get my money back, and what legal institution supervise online poker systems or your activity in your country.

      I'll be waiting for your answer.


      So, guys, take care with the Twister tokens!!!
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