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This has gotta stop soon......right?

    • Jonaton
      Joined: 05.10.2008 Posts: 237
      I started playing about 2 months ago and for the first 5 weeks or so I was doing quite well. I turned the $50 I recieved through here into about $190 playing in small SnG's and MTT's. I certainly didn't win everything but I was slowly building my BR and doing quite well including a few ITM's in larger MTT's.

      One of the SnG's I used to make a killing on were the double ups which I was winning about 85%of. They really are easy as most people playing don't understand that it isn't about winning but placing. Even these I managed to lose the last 15 I have played.

      The last 3 weeks have been brutal, I understand up and downswings but this has gotten so bad it is killing any desire to play as I now just expect to lose. I started to keep some stats as I know when losing sometimes your view on what actually happned can be a little skewd.


      Hero holds pair W-18 L-56
      Hero holds overcards W-11 L-61

      Hands Won on turn/river-8
      Hands Lost on turn/river-57 (37 on river)

      As I had a day off yesterday I played in about 25 SnG's and recorded all situations where either I pushed or my opponents pushed and I called. There were 42 cases and I managed to win a pathetic 4 of them.

      These are the last 3 hands I played last night all pushes in different games and all within about 5 minutes of one another. Sorry as I am having issues with importing the actual hands.

      I hold KQs and hit 2 pair, push and get called by AQ, other player hits runner runner 10,J to make a straight.

      Hold Q10o hit 2 pair on the flop push and get called by someone with nothing, not even a pair, just 3 clubs, of course runner runner club comes.

      And the last one that caused me to actually smash my monitor, was in a 900 player MTT. There are 106 players left and top 100 pay. I held 8's, flop is 8 8 Q, quads on the flop so I push. My opponent who must have been in some form of crack haze calls with Q6o, yes just a pair of Q's with a lousy kicker. This hand would have put me into the chip lead for the tourney and well you guessed it he managed to hit both of the 2 outs in the deck and make quad Q's beating my quad 8's.

      There are 2 people I play with pretty regularly who have watched some of my games lately to see if A) I am playing differently and B) if things are as bad as I seem to think they are and they both agree I am not playing different cards or more tentatively, but that the cards are just killing me.

      Any advice from any more experienced players who have gone through particularly bad downswings? At this point as i stated it has pretty much killed all desire to play.

      Thanks for any advice and sorry for the long rant. P.S this is not a " online poker is fixed rant".

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    • Grimzor
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 421
      It happens. I also get frustrated and angry when it hits very bad but so far i have gotten though all swings. I have been 1 outed and runner-runner`ed and i have delivered some of those too. Thats the life of poker. If you play good you will deliver those much less soften than recieve - because you will fold your air, while fish wont. You must remember that.

      In your case - it might stop now or it might stop after 1month.. or 2. Impossible to say. But it will even out. Try not to focus on results - from personal experience i know its very hard. If you count cards you won or lost then you obviously focus on that too much. Distance yourself from that - all you have to see is your play in those hands. Was it good? Thats all that matters.

      Then - if you say you lost on turn or river so much. Did you try to slowplay? Slowplay can be responsible for sickest of the beats. On low limits i recommend almost forgetting about slowplay - its needed only in very rare cases. Just bet the crap out of villains and take them to valuetown.

      Anyway, i wish you good luck and strength to get through this. I think it gets easier with time as you see that poker aint all fluffy and lovely and get used to it.
    • Jonaton
      Joined: 05.10.2008 Posts: 237
      No the only time generally I am a fan of slowplaying is if I have flopped the nuts. Especially during this streak no one is seeing free cards.
    • qcjunior
      Joined: 07.09.2008 Posts: 144
      Bad beats always suck X(

      If you were playing that hand on party pokers jackpot tables you would be bragging about winning the progresive bad beat jackpot.(maybe 50,000$ or more) ;)


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