TopTop clothing line for poker players

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      Hi there!

      I've created a line of clothing specially made with the poker player in mind.

      I am a professional poker player, poker author & business consultant living in Mexico during the winters and Montreal during the summers. I play poker at night and try to increase awareness about The Great Mayan Reef during the day. Sitting at a poker table playing poker for hours on end or working at my computer is a regular thing so being comfortable is important. Unluckily, the comfortable clothes are not very good looking and the good looking clothes are not very comfortable so the dilemma is: do I look good and put up with being uncomfortable at the table or wear my jogging pants and not care about what I look like? Most of the time, I want to look good and professional so I put up with a little discomfort.

      My clothing line will be made with the poker player / traveler / office worker in mind. Great looking but extremely comfortable clothing.

      I have a crowdfunding campaign on [Edited by Lazza61] to raise funds. If you want to be the first to own a piece of TopTop clothing, please encourage me by buying of my perks on [Edited by Lazza61].

      Thank you

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