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Printing money lets get rolling

    • spankmehard
      Joined: 26.03.2015 Posts: 10
      Hey all welcome to my first post and blog.

      The aim of the blog is to document my journey through the stakes starting at 2NL at PKR and moving on upwards.

      I have been playing for around 7 years and have had some good success as an mtt player on stars but after taking a bit of time out to travel I am back and looking to improve my cash game and what better way than starting from the bottom.

      I will be sticking pretty rigidly to my bankroll plan of minimum of 30 buyins to play the next stake though may adjust and take shots as required.

      I have chosen PKR to play as its super soft and I have a small bonus of $50 I need to grind through over the next few days though I may move to higher traffic poker rooms once I have a roll going.

      I will start with $100 and move up with with 30BI so will move up to 4nl once i have $120.
      This will help me get back into the game, do some cash game studying and get my hud set up right etc.
      Considering buying one of Gordons books though not sure if it would be worth the investment yet.

      I will aim to play around 5k hands per day 5 days per week.

      Gl Me :)

      Cant seem to post images yet as im a basic member but have applied for the free bankroll so hopefully will be upgraded soon to post images
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