I've just started a trial of tilt breaker due to losing 12 buy ins this morning, I like to refer to it as payday syndrome, playing regulars I don't have too much of an issue with, it's the recreational players that appear in abundance at the end of the month once they get payed I really struggle against, my usual game doesn't work against them and I don't adapt well enough, I guess the main reason being there is no fold equity against these players so I guess a fit or fold strategy on the flop would be a better game. Maybe call draws down lighter as there is greater implied odds, no raising as a semi-bluff, this idea is completely floored against such individuals. Anyway, that's the background to why I'm getting tilt breaker.

I would like to know how other people configure Tilt Breaker and what works well for them, of biggest interest would be stop loss/win limits although time/hand and session limits is something I would still like to hear about. Is there a criteria or formula some people use to develop their stop loss limits? I'm currently playing NL25 zoom on PokerStars.

Will be eagerly keeping an eye on this thread :f_frown: