Hey, quick question about those points

    • Mariuslol
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      Hey, started reading some articles. Thought a good place to start was Preflop ranges, then the 2nd article, you need Platinum. The price seem so expensive, got a little nervous to start using money after just a few minutes. And it just last for a month?

      I tried to read a little, but was confusing, is there a way I can grind points and get the status required some other way, by playing on a site you guys want me to play on to get rakeback, or something similar?

      If so, how long would it take to get up to platinum?

      Cheers, thanks for reading.
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    • Harrier88
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      Hi Mariuslol, welcome to Pokerstrategy!

      It's true, you can generate StrategyPoints and earn a higher status by playing at a tracked account. In order to do that, you need to sign up at one of our partner rooms and follow the download instructions in the link. If you did it correctly, your account at this poker room will be tracked and you will receive a certain amount of StrategyPoints for each dollar raked, as outlined in the link. Keep in mind that you can also create a tracked account through our free poker money offers, just follow the instructions.

      After generating your first StrategyPoint, you will automatically receive lifetime Bronze status. In order to reach a higher status, you will need to generate a certain amount of points per month:

      - 100 for Silver
      - 500 for Gold
      - 2500 for Platinum
      - 7500 for Diamond

      In my experience, it is quite easy to stay at Silver if you play regularly, and Gold is quite achievable as well at the lowest limits if you grind a lot. For Platinum, you'll probably have to play at least NL25, unless you grind a seriously huge volume.

      You can calculate it yourself: At NetBet, for example, you'd earn 6 points for every Euro raked, so you'd have to generate €16.67 rake per month to reach Silver, €83.33 for Gold, €416.67 for Platinum, and €1250 for Diamond.

      This may seem daunting if you're a micro stakes player, but I can at least tell you that most of the videos and articles for higher statuses are typically about more advanced concepts to be used in higher stakes games. They are restricted to these statuses for a reason, after all. It would probably be a better idea to read through the other more basic articles first to get a solid foundation.

      If you're not sure where to start, you might want to check out our overview of NL lessons, where the articles are laid out in logical way so you can gradually expand on your knowledge. We also have a similar overview for SNG players.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.
    • Mariuslol
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      Oh waowh, thanks for the detailed, in depth, long reply. Really appreciate it.

      I'm a click your links and read some, cheers