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long poker game bad beat

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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, sheppy109,
      Not so much any more, really.
      It has happened so much I'm more-or-less used to it.

      I once would get really upset. No, I never threw a monitor out (or through) a window, and I still have the same mouse I had when I started, but I would get furious.

      Along the way, I read "The Mental Game of Poker" by Jared Tendler. The first part of my blog is about that.

      The book taught me to use logic when I noticed that emotions were getting out of hand.

      The logic in this situation is: "Pocket Aces MUST lose 15% of the time in the long run".

             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP2    85.20%  84.93%   0.27% { AA }
      MP3    14.80%  14.52%   0.27% { random }

      There are two problems with the "logic" approach.

      The first problem is that the logic technique is used when emotions are getting out of hand. This is a problem because logic is only a temporary fix. The real fix is to not get emotionally involved AT ALL. Just play the hand the best you can with all the information you have available. Don't expect anything, don't care whether you win or lose. Care only that you played the hand properly.

      The second problem is streaks:
      First, there is no reason AA cannot lose 5 times in a row. Or 6 or 15. It WILL happen if you play poker long enough. Also, you will win 85 in a row (hopefully soon!). This is hard on a player because human beings have a tendency to notice trends, and project them forward. When you win with your AA a lot, you begin to EXPECT to win. Now when you don't, you feel ripped off.

      The forums are filled with posts from people who believe online poker is rigged because their AA lost to some stupid hand or other.

      Best of luck to you!
    • sheppy109
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      tnk u gd luck too you
    • vuongchannhan
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    • LeNNy010
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      Yeah it's hard, but will get easier over time. You will lose 20-30% of the time with A,A depending on how you play the hand, trapping is especially dangerous. Remember this, you don't want more than 2 people in the hand with you when holding pocket rockets because this will deprive your hands odds significantly.

      Or as a coach once said to me, thought you had a bad beat there? It will only get worse.

      It really helped seeing things in perpective for me.

      Best of luck ♡