vier mal nacheinander KK , drei mal gewonnen (ein paar BB ) das vierte mal verlohren gegen QT

    • airedale
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      hi leute, wollte mal wissen was ihr dazu sagt, ist das real? 4 mal nacheinander KK bekommen , und das vierte mal gegen QT all in pre flop verlohren. Es kamen sogar zwei Q , eine auf dem flop, die andere auf dem river. Ja dreimal gewonnen !!! aber was? ein paar BB? Hab PS angeschrieben , gefragt wie es sein kann....antwort statistisch wäre alles korrekt 3 mal von 4 mit KK gewonnen. Habe aus neugier mit echten karten ca .100 mal ausgeteilt für 9 leute , und? ein mal hatte QT gewonnen gegen KK mit einem drilling. Also ich kann es nicht glauben das es echt ist. Wäre interessant ob jemand gleiche erfahrung gemacht hat.
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      Hi airedale, welcome to Pokerstrategy,

      First of all, please note that this is the English community. While I do speak German, the majority of our members around here don't, so you'll have to speak English in here, please. Alternatively, you could also join our German community.

      About your question, I can guarantee that we have all been there before. Just yesterday, for example, I was playing for a big, decisive pot in an MTT with AA all-in preflop against AJo and lost to trip Jacks. My chance of winning before the flop were about 92%, but those remaining 8% also have to win sometimes, right?

      Your chances of winning with KK vs QT preflop were about 85%. In comparison, the probability of rolling a 6 on a single, six-sided die is around 17%, which is similar to your chance of losing in this spot. You certainly wouldn't say that rolling a 6 on a die was impossible, so why would you be too surprised about your result in this hand?

      Variance is a necessary part of poker, and coping with it is a very important skill for every poker player to learn. On the plus side, you can be sure to make a profit in the long run if you keep getting your money in with better hands.

      If you're interested about probabilities in poker, I recommend downloading a free program called Equilab from our Poker Tools section. That way, you can easily run millions of simulations for any possible poker situation in a matter of seconds, without having to take out your deck of cards.