Checkraise witn initiative

    • faktor1
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      Do we really have to have such kind of range? Isnt in enough just the check/calling-folding ranges when theyre perfectly balanced? And can we be exploited when dont have a checkraise range with initiative?
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    • YohanN7
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      I don't know, but I think we must have one, maybe Cepheus can answer. By checking, we would otherwise reveal that our hand is definitely not strong enough to bet for value. This is, I guess, too much information to pass to the opposition.

      I have such a range on the turn, but this is mostly for exploitation, not GTO. The target is the "you checked, therefore I bet" type of fish that is pretty common in my micro-pool. They'll bet their A high or whatever when I check, and often call down, still with A high and certainly with any pair. I do balance this (by check-raising some picked up draws), but not in full (ergo exploitation).
    • kavboj84
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      Depends on the spot. There is no general answer for that, except that a strategy which contains no donk checkraise ranges at all is surely exploitable.