The awakening!

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      My name is Dimitar. I am 19 years old, from Bulgaria. I have been playing poker for about three years most of the time as hobby but in October 2014 i decided that i could achieve something significant and left the university i was accepted in.

      My plan was to play mostly MTTs, format i think is perfect for me. Since 2013 i have earned more than 15 000 $, i managed to climb from the very bottom of the micros. Everything was perfect untill Februarry then i qualified for one of the high rollers in pacific. I was the chip leader 1/18 at the preFT and everything looked great for me BUT not for a long time. For a period of 30 minute i have lost 3 or 4 flips and get sucked a couple of times against the short stacks, so i finished at 15th place, since that day i wasn't the player i was, i lost my confidence, i was playing cash and tournaments at the same time. The results were catastrophic. After every bad beat i was donating a few more stacks to .....calling statians, maniacs, donks etc. At the same time i was in some brutal downswing. After less than a month i have lost more than 70% of my bankroll, i was thinking about blackjack, roulette, slots and i wasn't just thinking about playing this shit i actually played and lost another juicy piece of my bankroll.

      At some point i realized that i am loosing control and i have to change drastically in order to survive( literally). To be honest i have tried to play cash professionally, i even took part in staking+coaching program but the results are always the same. It took me too long to realize that i will never be successful in this format because even though i can outplay most of the regs i always loose my temper when i'am loosing pots against retarded players, no matter whether i play live or online. I can not explain it but i have never had these kind of problems with MTTs.

      It took me too long to figure out how dangerous poker could be if you are mentally weak. I believe. I made some difficult decisions. I promised to myself that i will never play cash games live or online, i will never play anything but poker tournaments in a casino. It is never too late too change i believe that i could change, i know that i will.


      Rejoin the university!
      Work out regularly!
      Read more about human psychology!
      Complete my challenge successfully!

      Poker Challenge
      600$-6000$ in two months.


      I will be posting the results of every session i play along with some interesting hands.
      I apologize for any mistakes i have made. I will try to improve my English.

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